Annoying tenants are annoying me

We just rented to new people up the street, because the great tenants who have been there four years are leaving, sniff. This time I had to have Tom do the interviewing, because I was still pretty feeble at the time.

I’m not sure about the final choice.
They are whiny.
They are painting over the really great colors a previous tenant left with wimpy pastels.
They live there, I don’t. So yes, they may paint, even if they are idiots.
Just, grrrr.

There is a tiny spot of mold on the ceiling of bathroom. Sanne basically painted it with bleach every six months and it went away.
I can’t put in an exhaust fan, because that won’t solve the problem.
The bathroom is a really weird-shaped room, with the tub and shower in a deep alcove far from any exterior wall.
The steam comes up and condenses.
I will repaint with mold-resistent paint, best I can do.

The blinds are apparently really really hard to clean.
I’m not sure what I am supposed to do about that.
Sanne and Jannes would have stayed and cleaned better, but the new folks wanted to move in early.
They gave them two days free.
Even though they were packing up to go overseas.

And now she’s starting to pick a fight with the girls upstairs.
I mean, she’s right. How annoying is that.
There is only the one parking space, and it is shared.
So the upstairs people will have to start sharing it with her.
(It wasn’t an issue earlier, cos Sanne and Jannes had no car.)
And the new one only just acquired the car since she signed the lease (and one of the reasons for picking her was the no car bit).
And she hasn’t got it registered locally, and doesn’t plan too, so she can’t buy a parking permit for street parking
(No, that will not bag the driveway for her. Her problem if she can’t be arsed to have a properly registered car.)

Okay, she isn’t a monster.
But this is three straight days of whines from her.
I’m becoming annoyed.
It is not good if someone has only been there a week, and I’m starting to wonder when she will be leaving.


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  1. One person’s “really great colors” are another’s DEAR GOD I’M BLIND NOW.

    But the rest is annoying.


  2. It’s going from deep shades of green in two rooms, and a nice light grey in another to pale blue and yellow.
    I can see no way this will be a good thing.
    People seeing the apartment comment on the color scheme.
    I didn’t do it, so it isn’t my baby, but baby blanket colors don’t auger well.


  3. yes one week of whining does not bode well for the rest of the year. Is it a yearly lease? At least you have the right not to renew their lease, right? well hopefully they will settle down. You should just start telling people they can’t paint. My last landlord told us if we wanted to paint we had to repaint it white before we left (of course it was torn down not long after I left anyway).


    • Nope, this is Berkeley, so they are in there until they decide to leave.
      Barring extreme non-payment of rent issues.
      And I’m okay with them painting.
      They have to live with it.
      That’s not really so much a landlord issue, more that it makes me think poorly of them as a matter of taste.
      Pale blue, really?
      Basically it is just that I am annoyed.
      If I weren’t already annoyed, the color thing would bother me less.


  4. Oh, wow. Whining is HORRIBLE. It adds up, sinks in, and takes over. I hope your tenant stops it very soon. Maybe (and this is just my glass-half-full side speaking) she’s upset by the move itself, and whining is her default setting when she’s feeling vulnerable and up-heaved…and she’ll stop soon.
    I hope.


  5. Isn’t there a probationary clause in your lease? Something like, if after a month things aren’t working out, you can revoke it or she can move out?

    And yeah, I would also add a no-painting clause to your lease after this, or what cranky said. The landlord at my last place allowed the previous tenants, two college students, to paint the kitchen Barbie pink. When they took off, they left it Barbie pink. I didn’t care what color the kitchen was, but my friends used to raise a stink about it every time they came over, so I told them to talk to the landlord about it. He said he’d paint it, but only in hospital white. I said no thanks, and to this day, I’ll bet it’s still Barbie pink.


    • Well, at least they aren’t saying pink.
      It’s just that it won’t be as nice as the current colors.
      And more that clearly they are just kind of whiny.
      I mean, why tell me that the blinds are hard to clean?
      WTF, am I her mother?
      And mostly just that I am, as I mentioned earlier, getting annoyed.


  6. Maybe she’ll find a cat or a hamster she can whine to instead. Sounds awful.

    I should find out the name of the mold free paint we used. We have a terrible problem with that in our colonial sized bathroom. We used 2 coats (I think) of the mold killing paint and one of regular paint; it worked great for about 3 or 4 years. What I find really works is a window, which we don’t have. Some say a really strong fan will do the trick but that’s a pain to install.


  7. Ugh. I.hate.whiners. Except when it’s my friends whining. That is perfectly acceptable. Hopefully she will move on to whining about something else to someONE else!


  8. >>mope<< Give me cats any day.


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