I made a cake.
Real butter, vanilla. Yum.
In the absence of the kid, was going to lick the beaters:


Sisko went up on the counter behind my back and got them first.
He wins.


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  1. Oh now that IS completely rude! I mean….how sad!
    Did you still have the bowl to lick?


  2. Aww. he needs to share!


  3. thetomzone did point out that Sisko was going to charge for his medical services. And lo.


  4. I hope you served yourself a spoonful out of the bowl, but I know it isn’t quite as much fun as beaters.


  5. I’d rather eat cake batter than a bowl of ice cream any day. It’s the only reason to bake cakes.


  6. It’s true.
    I did owe him for his exceptional cattitude.
    So I can’t even get grumpy.


  7. You made a scratch cake? WOW!!!

    Sisko is very good at his job.


  8. Yum. Now I have a craving for this flavor of cake.


    • So did Sisko.
      Have I mentioned that he is *really* a good boy?
      Sooo, a craving for the taste of cake…
      That’s how the whole thing started.


      • Sounds right to me.

        Let me know if you have any good recommended recipe websites for that stuff. I have a gluten allergy but can adjust the ingredients! 😀


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