So Sair and Alex

Had been discussing going back to Tasmania, but decided against it.
Alex is still working, and they are trying to save money, and like that.
Am relieved.
Though I realize I am now feeling like my mother, who used to phone me in Berkeley every time the news mentioned an earthquake in California.
(“No, San Diego isn’t close; no, everything here is okay.”)
So behold me not madly calling to make sure they are okay in Canberra.


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  1. It is difficult, when one lives a long way from their children, not to worry every time something worrisome is mentioned in the media about that place. My 3 live in Sydney and I read the Sydney Morning Herald online every day just to make sure things are ok in their world.


  2. Yes. They have no idea how much of our hearts they carry around with us. I texted something to my youngest last night and he replied “Mom, it’s Friday night. Stop texting me stupid stuff.”
    Apparently I was interrupting some fun.
    Sigh. They have no idea.


  3. Some day they will understand. *hugs*


  4. I check the Weather Underground forecasts for my kids’ cities. Not that I can do anything about it, but when I see it’s snowing in New York or there’s flash flooding in Olympia, I can have something else to worry about. :p

    But—I don’t want to be a pest. My parents didn’t know when to butt out and were always calling me and throwing advice my way, or complaining about what a terrible mother I was because I let my kids go without a bath for a day. (I had pneumonia, forcripesake, I couldn’t get out of bed without feeling like I was ready to collapse.) So I try not to call or text or email excessively. But. Yeah, I worry.


  5. I come here and whine, but pretty much just let her do the calling.
    She doesn’t need to hear about my nerves.


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