Slightly Depressing Evening

I’ve been feeling so much better the past day or two.
They sent me home from the hospital with a measuring thing that shows the volume of air I can inhale.
In the hospital I could almost manage 500ml, although when they said to do it in a controlled way, not just gasping, that really wasn’t going to happen.
About a week ago I managed to get up to 750ml, and even have a little control.
Now I’m up to 1000ml, though if I work at it too much my chest hurts.
I have a feeling I shouldn’t do things that hurt.
My goal is 1500ml, and I begin to believe I might even get there at some point.
The practical upshot of this is that I am more active.
I can even make a short trip to the kitchen without my oxygen to get a drink, or an easy snack.
I wake up in the morning to discover that it has pulled off and it didn’t wake me up – though it is still spewing oxygen in the vicinity of my face, so maybe that is enough?

So, since I was doing so well, I went off without my oxygen to feed the cats and generally put the house in order for the night.
About five things.
Nope, I’m not ready to do anything that extensive yet without extra oxygen.
I didn’t fall over, but I did end up as breathless without the oxygen as I used to be with it: tight unpleasant chest, heart rate speeding up, and generally crappy, light-headed feeling.
At the hospital they were monitoring my O2/heart rate but here I just have to wing it, trying to remember what the different levels felt like.
My guess is it was getting back in the 80s/90+ range, instead of 90+/80s.

So I cut it short and hurried back.
I made it to my sofa and oxygen and am sitting here breathing normally with my oxygen and like that.
So no more of that for a while.

Consider me annoyed.


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  1. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say. 🙂


  2. Yes. I remember this (sort of) when I was recovering from pneumonia. My dad called and asked how I was doing. I said “Two steps forward, one step back.”. He wisely said “That’s better than two steps back.”

    So, you have made a lot of progress and you are continuing to. It’s just not as fast as you would like.

    I don’t blame you for being annoyed. It’s annoying. But, you’ll get there!


  3. *hugs* So frustrating, and probably scary. But as Lauri says, you’ve made progress and you’ll get there eventually. It’s just a long, sometimes painful process. Wish we could somehow make it better!


  4. Posted by Riesie on December 13, 2012 at 8:11 am

    So glad you are feeling better and stronger, though. Take it easy and keep your goal in mind – three hours oxygen free so you can go see the Hobbit movie, LOL!


  5. So maybe next time you do two things instead of five. Small steps. We want you well!


  6. You know, there is no shame in a woman hooked up to an oxygen cannula hiring a housecleaning service or pet sitter. Or even a personal assistant. You need to pretend you are aristocracy or Anna Wintour: you leave the small tasks to the underlings while you sit and think of the Bigger Picture, which is you getting well. Yes, it’s a bit boring, but we want you fully recovered, not gasping for breath in a clean, well-organized house.


    • Welp, the house is basically a completed chaos at this point.
      Mostly I was just trying to do things like find some clean pjs and make sure all the cats were okay.
      I will just take it all a little slower is all.


      • Find PJ’s, suck oxygen, feed cats, suck oxygen, locate cats, suck oxygen.


        • whinewhinewhine…but the cannula annoys me, and the cats attack the tubing and it gets caught on things and tangles and tugs at my nose and the oxygen is COLD and makes my sinuses unhappy…whinewhinewhine

          I said I was gonna whine.


  7. Time to go watch all the Maru videos out there? Well, as long as your kittehs don’t get jealous..


  8. You are completely entitled to be annoyed and whiny.


  9. I will attempt to focus on the positive progress rather than the annoyance of the whole situation. Hope you can too. There were many many times at the gym (pre-gastric surgery) when I longed for an oxygen tank. Thanks for the reality check.

    Hope you’re feeling all okie-dokie soon – unless you have great benefits, in which case I hope you’re feeling well soon but milk it for extra time!


  10. You are getting better! If you are feeling nervous, you can get a Pulse Oximeter at the local Walgreens, for not too much money. Take good Care!!!


  11. I’m better than I was.
    I’ll just be more careful not to overdo, and try to be more patient.
    And I was covered with cats yesterday, and no one can stay grumpy with Doc on a lap.


  12. (((((((((HUGS))))))))) I’m so sorry you are dealing with this BUT very glad to hear that you are getting better!! Sorry, also, that I’m just now seeing this post.


    • I am so much better now!
      I’ve spent the whole morning not on the oxygen, and there have only been a couple of moments when it seemed like maybe a problem.
      We will see what the doctor says tomorrow.
      Tom worries, and wants me to keep it til after Christmas.
      Which I can see, but on the other hand….


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