Cat Herding

They are all swell cats.

Habibi is a joy. 
She’s lovely and affectionate and playful.

So Sisko skulks around the house, always watching out lest she come and “play” with him.
And he is such a good boy, and has slept on my feet every night since I got back from the hospital, just him and me on the the couch.
Just ignore the low growls when Habibi wanders into the room.

Sextus is the gentlest, sweetest cat ever. 
He adopted Doc when they were both kittens, and still dotes on him.
Literally, he rubs up against him, purring.
And as soon as Habibi walked in the door, he walked out.
So now he lives on the back porch.

Along with Wolfgang, who moved out when Sisko moved in.
Although he actually had some justification, since Sisko fought with him.
Now Sisko doesn’t care about Wolfgang anymore, since he’s so busy worrying about Habibi.
So Wolfie now will come in and sit in the kitchen on occasion.

Doc likes everybody.
Plays with Habibi, sits with Sisko, hangs out with Wolfie and Sextus.
Goes everywhere.
Brings me mice to aid in my recovery.

And Uncle Albert the Orange is a feral who lives in the basement.
After about a year of feeding him he now ignores me when I put food out.
And even sneaks into the kitchen with Wolfie.

So how do you feed all these guys?
Sisko gets his own plate up on the counter.
Habibi gets a saucer on the floor in the kitchen, and gets the door shut on the kitchen when the backporch boys are fed.
The backporch boys get two plates up on the cat structures for Wolfie and Sextus, and two on the floor for Albert and Doc.
And then Doc gets all the leftovers.

It sorta works, except for when Habibi scatters all the outdoor cats and takes over the porch.
Or Albert decides Wolfie is looking at him wrong and gives him The Eye.
Or Doc decides somebody else’s food looks better.
Or they ALL decide the food is not fit for cats, and what else is on offer.

So now that I am better, I am doing the evening feeding.
Tonight was one of those Habibi Rules nights.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear. I feel your pain. Since we lost Darwin we still have the three girls, Luna, Gree and Teagan, and two boys, Eli and Stringbean. There is pretty much an unlimited variation of who will spar with whom. And last time we left them home while we were away overnight there was a territorial pee war on the dog bed in the familyroom. Happily it was confined to the dog bed, which was old and ratty and we just threw it out. But, I can just envision all the cats taking turns peeing on the bed rather than in the litterbox because their routine has been upset.
    At night they usually are confined to their own rooms and no one else can bother their litterboxes.
    From now on when we leave for a night they are going to the kennel with the dogs, I guess.
    Ha….I just saved a freshly pooped catpoop from getting eaten by Orion by scooping before he could get to it.
    And why the hell when the thermometer says 29 degrees is it pouring rain? Where is my snow.
    THanks for letting me complain. Love, Grumpycat


    • Oh my.
      I love – well, not love, but appreciate – the communal attack on the dog bed.
      How do they coordinate these things?
      It’s like my guys when they all suddenly decide that now they sit on the front or back porch.
      I’ll go out, and they will have all switched.
      Or the days you go for a walk and it is solid neighborhood kitties, and other days not a one.
      There must be some kind of memo that goes out.


    • We got your snow. For about an hour. But the wind was blowing so hard (around 40mph) and it was so thin that there was practically zero accumulation.


  2. *sigh* The joys of critter management. Dinner time at my house requires a constant police presence (me with a broom) to keep everyone in their right place eating their own dinner.

    Glad you are on the mend and feeling well enough to dole out the kibbles to your crew.


  3. I think you could all have careers in diplomacy, should you be so inclined – it can’t be worse than the critters 🙂


  4. I had three cats, and they despised each other. They all loved me however—I want to say “unfortunately,” because my bed became the Cat Bed, and I was the DMZ between them all. Katsu, the Lord of Misrule, slept on the right side of me; Eliza, my darling feral girl, slept on the left side of my pillow, and Mickey, the hapless long-haired tuxedo and whipping boy, slept at my feet. Mickey would sometimes attempt to claim a better spot on the bed, but that would result in a skirmish, sometimes on the DMZ. (Ouch.) Then Mickey would be driven out of the bedroom, and in revenge and sorrow he would yowl all night downstairs.

    Now I have no cats, and I feel like there are cat-sized holes in my life, especially when I am lying down and wish for a furry friend or two to commiserate with.


  5. I feel ya… especially with the personalized feedings. Today, MeowMeow finished her food and went after Skritches’. Skritches cased Boo to run off, but walked right past the food – till she got to Espressa’s dish, so Espressa ran off. I gave Boo’s leftovers to Skritches and put Espressa’s food on the bed so she would finish it.


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