Oh just stop being dicks

This is in my old hometown.
It’s a nice old memorial, set up after WWI.
A local landmark.



Just stop it.


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  1. I never get how someone elses expression of faith can offend an atheist. especially when it is just a statue…not something they need to recite or affirm etc.


  2. Yes, please! Leave our historic landmark alone! 😦


  3. I had no idea that you were from Bladensburg!

    That cross *is* a landmark and I hope that this attempt to get rid of it is stopped ASAP. It sounds like these people are trying to pick a fight – or maybe start a 2nd Battle of Bladensburg?

    (I’ve never lived in that part of MD, but I’ve been by the cross…)


  4. Also, I think the cross is a very classy war memorial. Small but imposing, and not at all bombastic, like so many of the military/war memorials in and around D.C.


  5. err, I meant that it is UNlike most of the D.C.-area memorials.


  6. Yeah, people go too far. I’m not religious/probably an atheist anyway these days but come onnnnnn.


  7. Yep, I mean, it is Peace Cross.
    Not Victory Cross or The War Memorial, but Peace Cross.
    I suspect that my mom contributed as a school kid.
    And that my womens’ clubs type grandmother probably had a hand in it somewhere.
    Not to mention my West Point granddad with the parade obsession.
    These were real small towns back then, not just bedroom suburbs.
    It was a community thing, dedicated to the lost local sons.

    How is this different from the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas?


    • I think it deserves to have protected status, and you’re so right about B-burg and other towns like it. I’m sure lots of the older folks (back when the cross was put up) knew most everyone (or at least, the families of everyone) whose names are on that memorial.

      to me, it’s a historical monument, and *definitely* the Peace cross.

      (btw, I lived in Arlington Co. for nearly 21 years, with a brief dodge into Fairfax Co., which I didn’t like much. Arlington seemed more homey, somehow.)


  8. I wonder if the AHA’s complaint is meant primarily to get attention for their group. The flack for the group said that they had “received complaints from residents about it,” but one has to wonder if it was from the village crank or the two, maybe three AHA members who happened to live in town.

    Is there a historical preservation group in the area who could defend the presence of the cross? I think about the statues in Golden Gate Park honoring religious figures like Fr. Junipero Serra. Are those Christian symbols, or are they historical? A work of art, or a religious icon? But I can’t think of a faster way to make one’s group unpopular.


    • In your area, there are so many names that commemorate saints and/or Catholic beliefs – and they’re not exactly new.

      To my mind, trying to erase them (and monuments like the B-burg cross) *is* historical revisionism… and too much like what was done in France after its revolution – changing the names of days, months, etc. etc. Didn’t take long for people to revert to the older names once they had the chance.


  9. Oh yeah…..even the atheists can be arseholes. Live and let live and yes, stop being dicks.


  10. wtf! SERIOUSLY, what is wrong with people?!


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