Sleepless at 3am sort of question

Mind game question.
Given rising sea levels, global warming, climate disruption, and the like, and the almost certain political and social upheavals these will be causing,
if you had all the world to choose from,
where would you choose to live for the next fifty years?
And why?Β 


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  1. We actually talk about this more than is comfortable. We’re glad that The Aeries sits above the soon-to-be-an-estuary canyon, so we’re okay from a sea-level standpoint, but fresh water is going to be tough.

    I think it needs to be someplace reasonably temperate, with decent water. I think the Pacific Northwest is the best option.


  2. Norway should fare pretty well, I think – we’ll get a even shittier climate, but the coast is long and there’s food there, there’s still a lot of oil to be sold, we have water power, the social system is excellent (though it will undoubtably change to adapt to our increased longviety), there is little friction between different groupings. But it would be nice to live somewhere warm πŸ˜‰


  3. I have often thought that the Canadian Rockies might be nice. I would love a snug sturdy little cabin sheltered on a mountainside, overlooking a valley. I guess I would have to be a millionaire so I could stock my cabin with food and firewood and everything I would need, since I’m getting a bit old to chop and split firewood and hunt.
    I wouldn’t mind moving to Norway after hearing from fatcat. πŸ™‚


  4. I 50 years I won’t be alive …

    But –

    From a rising water level standpoint, I am fine where I am … not so much as far as climate disruption though (it’s already plenty hot and dry here).

    I agree with what stevil said above – the Pacific Northwest. Norway would be okay, but I’m not that good of a swimmer (to get there) … I can drive to Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.


  5. I gotta say, I am not so sure, because I LOVE living in a subtropical environment. But clearly, Florida will cease to exist, so whats a girl to do?


    • I dont know where you are, but I’m in St. Petersburg, where our highest elevation is about 60 feet. (Where I live is maybe 20 ft above sea level, just because I’m on the second floor πŸ˜‰ )


  6. I’m moving in with GOF and Mrs GOF in the temperate subtropics above tropical coastal Queensland.
    1. Because they already have their own power generator etc.
    2. They know how to grow stuff (and it’s hard to stop stuff from growing up there anyhow).
    3. If there is going to be a panicked population, I’d rather it be one that doesn’t have a plethora of guns, and one that is small enough that twenty million people occupy an area the size of the lower states of the US.

    Yes Australia is touted as a land of terrible droughts etc, but I’ve looked at stats that show it to be no worse than here for amount of land that is in drought at any given time.


    • See, I thought of that too … also taking the feral hog population into account for food … but then there’s the “I can’t swim that far” problem. (But I know, this is not an “immediately go there” scenario.)

      And I’d pass out from all the blood rushing to my head from hanging upside down all the time …


  7. (of the arable land that is already being farmed, that is)


  8. The Pacific Northwest is beginning to heat up. When I was in Olympia last summer, I was surprised at the number of days where temperatures hit the 90s. (And hardly any of the businesses and homes had air conditioning. I wanted to flee to the nearby mall, much to my son’s scorn.) When I first visited the place in August 2002, it was raining constantly and we had to don rain gear and sweaters. So I’m no longer sure it’ll be a refuge from global warming.

    I might consider the Scandinavian countries. Winters are supposed to get milder, though northern countries are supposed to see more sleet and ice, which are no picnic to drive or walk on either.


  9. Arizona weather is already whacked. BSG wants us to move to Colorado.

    Another view on this same topic, this is the conversation we have when we justify to each other why we don’t want to have kids.


    • That’s pretty much my concern, hence the fifty-year window.
      It was one of the major issues in deciding to go ahead, twenty-two years ago.
      And here are the chickens coming home to roost.
      And all this is complicated by the fact that Sair’s beloved is an Australian woman, so at the moment, at least, they are not likely to be living anywhere here.
      Note: they can enter into a legal partnership there, and start Sair’s Aussie citizenship ticking.
      Or they can use their mutual EU citizenships to live anywhere in Europe or in the UK.
      But they can’t be together here.
      And “it gets better” and it will get better, isn’t now.
      Now they want to be somewhere, together, and trading visitors’ visas won’t work.
      There are job and training issues, and at some point you are where you are.


      • Australia does sound like the way forward here. They could also come over here and get married and have babies and all that – Denmark is fairly good with all the equal rights issues. The parts of Denmark that isn’t TOO low lying are probably going to be fairly OK whatever happens the next 50 years. But our economy is tied up with the greek through EU… which is a bit disturbing…. and we’re not a particularly foreigner friendly people (no-where in the old world is super foreigner friendly) – so culturally that would probably be hard for them both. – You could move with her to Australia, couldn’t you -?


    • You guys can come as long as you find someone to switch places with you. CO is running out of water as is. The drought this year really didn’t help things either


  10. Mount Waialeale, Kaua’i, Hawaii. Average high temp: 79 F; average low temp, 65 F, with very little variation from month to month. (The record high is 83.6 F, which will probably be my low tonight here on my sandbar) Also, Waialeale gets an average of 373″ of rain a year, and has no indigenous snakes (although there are potentially deadly sea snakes, but I’d be 5500 feet above the Pacific, so they’d likely leave me alone).

    I would never need long sleeves, long pants, nor socks, and my lawn would be green without having to water it. Win-win.


  11. England, or maybe Wales. Or the south of France, or Italy (about the middle, maybe Tuscany, maybe not).

    What I worry about is the US taking a far-rightward turn (even more than it already has) and having to leave for political reasons.

    (Parts of Canada would be nice during the summer, but I wouldn’t want to live there all the time – however, it would be a good port in a storm for the “political” aspect.)


  12. Hang on…you mean we have to keep going after December 21st of this year?
    I figured we were Mayan-toast after that, was looking forward to being vaporized.

    In case anyone’s reading this: I’m still having trouble with commenting, etc., and may just move to another WP site so I can visit you guys and actually leave comments.
    :: waves::


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