Tomatoey Goodness

My favorite grocery, Berkeley Bowl, pulls out their clearance produce and bags it up at .99/per.
There’s always more produce coming in, so the things no one bought full price yet get hauled away and bagged up, to make room for the new.
Best bargain produce ever, especially if you are familiar with their arcane system of marker dots to indicate organics.
The actual fruit and veggies are usually just fine.
And you can see what you are getting perfectly clearly.

So this week tomatoes (and limes) have been going for a song.
A plastic bag weighing maybe 2-3 pounds costs .99.
Yesterday I brought home four bags of perfectly ripe roma tomatoes.
Lovely, lovely things, all good fully red, no bad spots, no soft spots.
Masses of them.

Today I cut them all up, and made starter tomato sauce.
For this, all you do chop them up coarsely, toss them in a pan with some olive oil, and process them down to the soft squashy-cooked stage.
Then freeze it all in double serving batches.
I have handy little steel bowl for this.
I stick the bowls in the freezer until I have solid tomato-cles, then tip them out and wrap the frozen sauce in two layers of plastic.

Later on, I’ll pull one out and thaw it.
Add garlic, pepper, and fresh basil, and it is killer.

Tonight I’m taking one lot and adding clams.



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  1. Oh wow, this sounds great. My Romas are coming in avalanches. I have been washing them and just popping them whole into freezer bags. They peel nicely when thawed. But, I like using the peel, too, so I’ll give your method a try. It sounds really good!


  2. We had a backyard avalanche of tomatoes one year as well. We just cooked them down whole, skins and all, on low all day, then ran them through the blender. No cutting, no added ingredients. Filled the freezer with enough to last the winter, which came in handy on a couple of more month than money occasions. Pasketti, chili, you name it, we had it.

    So they can be processed even easier than that.


  3. Tomatoes are out of control here at the moment – $12.00 per kilo this week and not even very nice. yesterday two medium tomatoes cost me $3.00.


  4. I need to find a place like that. Tomatos are so disappointing lately, they taste so artifical…tried to grow my own, but… did nto work out too well.


  5. Yummmmm! 😀

    My tomato plant is starting to be all happy. It prefers giving me tomatoes in seasons that aren’t summer


  6. Ooh! Thanks to you and LT for the tips. I’m getting more into cooking from scratch these days and am always looking for fun information like this!


  7. Posted by Tod Deskin from on December 15, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    A few well-tended tomato crops will provide enough tomatoes for you to freeze and use all year long for your sauces. You can have home-made spaghetti sauce whenever you need it, without making use of store-bought tomatoes or canned tomatoes from the industry. Freezing tomatoes makes perfect sense for the backyard gardener.


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