The Early Voter Gets the Worm, or at Least, Not the Shaft


Groups like True The Vote are committing to challenging voters at all polls.
Well, that should be fun.
Of course, I hear you say, you are a perfectly legal voter, been voting for years, etc. etc. etc.
So are lots of people, who have been surprised to find themselves off of lists, or lacking credentials they never needed before.
So find out now whether there is any problem with your registation.
Because Election Day is too late to fix things.

And, more importantly, just because you are legal to vote doesn’t mean that it will be easy, come Election Day.
Vote-obstructing thugs in the polling place will not only be mucking up the vote of the people they have targeted for harrassment.
That is almost a secondary target.
They can tie things up in knots by objecting to the registration information of the first fifteen people in line, wasting everybody’s time and patience, all night long.
Which is the real danger here.
The actual intent is to throw things into such a bloody mess that people give up and go home without voting.

So if you are in a swing state – and you have my pity if you are – please go get your vote in NOW.
That way, you are one fewer body standing in line between some other poor shmoe and the polls.

Here is all the early voting information in one handy place.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the info. It is f*cking crime how certain groups are trying to stop people from voting. I’m about ready to revolt. To be revolting.
    I will share this link, thanks again.


  2. I’m going to vote as early as Possible I want to see my red state go blue again, I have hopes anyway.


  3. I qualify to vote by mail, so it’s been years since I’ve been near a polling place. If someone came up to me while I was standing in line and asked me if I was qualified to vote however, I’d call the police and file a complaint of someone attempting to interfere with the voting process.

    Of course, last election, when we were voting on the proposition to raise the tobacco tax, the tobacco industry had observers watching the election judges tally up the ballots and demand that questionable ones be pulled. So they still can interfere with the absentee/mail ballots. You wonder what ever happen to the privacy of the polling booth.


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