Apparently it is a Terrible Thing that 47% of us are people

“…who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing….”

Romney used phrases like this to try to pry more millions out of his fat-cat donors by sharing with them how despicable it is that what they see as losers want anything in this world.

Now I’m here, trying to figure out what is supposed to be the problem with such expectations from the citizens of my country.
Because, frankly, I’d hope the percentage of people supporting entitlements is even higher.

Entitlement itself isn’t a dirty word.
Rights are entitlements.
The are what people have a right to, just for being alive.
They are not the product of scams, or thefts, or fraud.

Somehow the possible existence of “welfare queens” is used to smear anyone receiving any kind of help.
The response to the abuse of a system isn’t to end the system.
If the existence of cheats were cause to terminate programs, the Pentagon would be in BIG trouble.
The proper reaction is to better run your programs so that fraud becomes less likely.
It’s known as good govenrnent, and you have to pay for it.

And what are the programs these people hate so much, the access to food and housing and all?
What is the problem?
Food stamps feed children, tomorrow’s citizens.
No one should be living on the street.
And the health of all citizens is a public, not a private, concern.

Call me a dreamer and all, but I believe that all people, everywhere, are entitled to these things
And it’s simple enough to add on a few more:
freedom from violence,
access to free education,
give me a few minutes and I could come up with more.
The kinds of things that help us make this a world that is worth inhabiting.

After all, most of us don’t live in the kind of private enclaves that these people inhabit.
They don’t worry about fellow citizens suffering from hunger or disease, or dying of exposure.
Because, ultimately, these people are not our fellow citizens.
They are just leeches, trying to extract the last vestiges of value out of the U.S.
They’ve already sacked the banks and real estate, and are now aiming at social security funds.
Lure the funds into the stock market, bag them, and leave.

Romney isn’t a policy geek, nor even really a politician.
He’s just a Bain Capital vulture looking for one last enterprise to pillage.
But the rest of us can’t walk away from the mess he’d make, to ultimately join his money off-shore.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Interestingly the majority of that 47% is Retirees who are getting their money from Money that they paid into the ss fund so that they could retire with some sembence of comfort. Also many of them work and actually pay more taxes than he ever has. Glad I can vote for Obama.


  2. Ugh. The Australian political spectrum has been shifting very much to the right in recent years as well – not quite as bad as that though. Very scary.


  3. Old people don’t pay taxes, but they do vote Republican, so Mitt is not only heartless, but stupid.

    Someone should remind the oligarchs that they might be able to seal themselves off on private islands from us little people, but airborne viruses know no boundaries. One more bird flu/swine flu mutation and the rich folks are gonna wish we still had a public health care system when the cook coughs on their caviar…


  4. Yes — apparently, students, the elderly, and deployed soldiers are all loser moochers. If he’s said, “47% of the country doesn’t pay income tax. We need to have a serious discussion about tax revenues and what it means for how the gov’t operates…” he could have scored some points, but by implying that half the country’s population are deadbeats, he showed himself (again and again) to be a prick with a lot of money.

    Is it any wonder that it’s so hard for him to “connect” to regular people? He can’t stand them.


  5. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on September 18, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Vain Capital vulture. Yep.


  6. Posted by tomzone on September 19, 2012 at 2:29 am

    DAMN US 47%-ers, and our unrealistic expectations!!! *shakes fist*


  7. hurray for living in what I’ve had Amurricans (unlike you peeps, who are Americans) sneer at for being a socialist state…!


  8. too funny. I read your post in the email and then went to comment and you were OFF. I was like, wow, never thought of WordPress as particularly republican.
    I know it’s so hideous that those people who paid in to Social security are now portrayed as vultures. I’m darn proud to be part of the 47% even though I have never had the occasion to use food stamps, welfare, or anything like that. WAIT. I did use FMLA. I wonder which Democrat came up with that, goodness, they held my job for me when I could not ambulate?


    • The disconnected thing was just me messing up. Lol.
      Yes, I find this whole issue all so terribly disheartening and ugly.
      These people are so terribly out of touch, not with what it means to be an ordinary American, but simply with what it means to be human.
      What a bunch of cold-hearted useless excuses for human beings.


  9. Not to mention the entitlements are really there for a better quality of life: stepping stones to get back on one’s feet, be a productive member of society (and have extra money to spend and help the economy), and eventually, retire after years of hard work. How is this bad? What’s the purpose of denying someone their chance at a good life? (ideally speaking, of course)


  10. Great post, Lauo.
    And great comments, y’all! How can everyone not see this?


  11. The world now has 435 nuclear reactors and of these, 104 are in the United States.


  12. I don’t know if it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering problems with your blog.
    It seems like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know
    if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously. Thanks


    • Hmm
      Doesn’t do that for me, but maybe someone else has a similar issue?
      Though Chrome has decided not to let me watch embedded videos.
      So maybe it is all WordPress being odd.


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