Lurker called

She’s going to take a day away from the computer.

Recovery and regrouping.

Will let us know if there are new developments.


7 responses to this post.

  1. How stressful. Thanks for passing the word.


  2. I hate this. I hope TK is home soon.


  3. *fretfretfret* Can’t even imagine how much of it the LTs are doing. 😦


  4. ::knocks quietly::

    You there? Are you on Google+ now, mostly? I closed my accounts there, just couldn’t keep up with everything. Your latest post (that I can see here) is this one. So…I hope all is well with you and your family and that you’re just super-busy.


  5. Hey
    Squee voices and hugs!
    Yeah, I am also on G+, but lurk about here mostly commenting.
    I’ve been super-busy and dealing with computer FAIL and such.
    But do mean to get back here more.
    G+ is good for short/fast stuff, but WP is better for more thoughtful blogs.
    I guess I need to be moar thoughtful.


    • LOL….sometimes things get so frantic that thought is in short supply! At least that’s the excuse I use.
      I’m happy to see you!
      Sorry about your computer!!!!


  6. Accck! I just left a reply and it evaporated! Did it go to spam? I’ve been having that problem lately.


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