I have no idea at all how this one blog has turned up in my reader.

It’s called “The Good Man Project” and I swear I did not add it.

It isn’t a wordpress blog, it is somehow imported from its own .com.

It posts lots of stupid posts and I don’t like it and don’t want it.

And I can’t figure out how to make it go away.

(It doesn’t turn up in the  “Blogs I Follow” list, so I can’t unfollow it from there.)

Edit: Found them. I think they hacked or somehow ate another blog I used to follow with exactly the opposite agenda. Whatevers. This looks like a magazine separately blogging all its little articles and suddenly my reader was jammed with the stuff. Iz gone.


4 responses to this post.

  1. All that panicking for nothing …


    • It’s just that there were suddenly dozens of their posts all over everything.
      And them hiding, Trojan horse like, under someone else’s name.
      But, yay, all gone.


  2. Too funny, not that your reader was invaded, but you said you were following a blog that was just the opposite. All I can think of is “The Bad Man Project!” what exactly would that entail anyway!


  3. I haven’t seen that happen on my wordpress but I have at least 5 of those on facebook with NO idea where they came from. Fortunately, most of them turned out to be amusing.


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