It’s being one of those days



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  1. “Enjoy this site but don’t actually blow stuff up.”


  2. Ooh, I like!

    Seriously, I hope it wasn’t THAT bad today. I had a couple of bad moments, but not like all five going off continuously.


  3. Love this site! Will have to remember it when stressful situations arise


  4. Posted by Iwantcake on June 15, 2012 at 6:42 am

    This is the only place I’ve seen talk about the possibility that is a work of fiction. I have followed the blog and assumed it was real for a while, and found inspiration in Chleo’s tale of her struggle through divorce. But some serious questions have come up-How is her “real time” story unfolding in such a conveniently linear way? Why aren’t the kids and their well-being more of a prominent issue? How is each week filled with so many life changing events and ‘Aha!’ Moments? Does anything mundane ever happen to this lady?- and it just doesn’t feel real to me anymore. I looked around and although HGM is linked to and mentioned all over the Internet, this blog is the only place questioning the sites legitimacy.

    I continue to read the blog out of curiosity. The last few posts there seem especially generic and disingenuous. She describes having trouble accomplishing every day tasks, such as getting out of bed or doing laundry. Seems out of sync with the tone of her posts up ’til now. Maybe she wants to seem more relatable? Also, it’s funny that some of the recent comments here mentioned how absent Chleo’s kids have been from her story, because they are the primary focus of her last two posts. Neither is described in enough detail to actually have personality.

    The voice of HGM is so earnest, and it’s gaining quite a following of seemingly like-minded people, who spill their hearts out publicly in the blog’s comment section. As the blog gets more and more popular, it’s likely that someone will find out the true identity of the author. If Chleo turns out to be real, I’d like to see who personifies this hard-to-believe character. If not then it will be equally interesting to see who is behind HGM and what they were eventually going to try to sell.

    P.s. it would be great if you started following her posts regularly and created a ‘real time account’ of how a fake mommy blog gets outed!


    • I’m pretty sure it will end up being an already mapped-out book, touched up with current events for timeliness.
      I’m not invested enough to want to play stalker at her about it though.
      But I admit I am curious to see who is producing it.
      I’d say even odds it is a man, given all the preachiness about women/relationships in it.


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