Now she is an Official Cat Member of the Family

She has been to the vet and now has had money spent on her, and a name on file and all.
So is Our Cat.

They scanned her carefully, but there was no previous chip.
Interestingly, the vet left it entirely up to us to decide how to deal with the issue if she found a chip number.
It was a difficult choice to say that we would want to contact the people.
But I thought of NikkiCat, and how hard it still is not to know what happened to him.
And I couldn’t do that to anyone else, not if there were the slightest chance that someone is missing her.

It makes me feel more hopeful about my missing boy.
I can imagine someone standing in a vet office, and making the opposite call:
That somewhere someone has NikitaCat and thinks Very Bad Thoughts about the kind of people who would abandon such a sweet boy and refused to tell those bums where he ended up. 

They are estimating her age to be ten months, so we’re having her share Sair’s birthday.
She’s already been fixed. 
I’m slightly sad over No Kittens, but it would have been hard too, and the Animal Shelter has lots of kittens.
Her little spaying scar is tattooed, which apparently they do at the shelter, so my opinion is that she was a moving-into-an-apartment-fall-term kitten.

The shelter makes them get minimal vaccinations before adoption, so we can assume the bare basics were done.
But since they didn’t chip her and seem to have kept her inside, we went for feline leucemia (she tested clean) and rabies. 
The techs said she pretty much thought it was a playdate until the third needle, at which point she turned off the purr.
(And it wasn’t a panic purr, she is just extremely mellow.)

I was all nervous about carting her off in a carrier because of her earlier abandonment, but she didn’t care at all.
Calm happy kitty is calm and happy.
She’s also decided that she is Sair’s cat (sniff).
So she is over on the couch next to Sair, sleeping on her back with a tremendous display of belly floof.
Pink velvet couch, shafts of sunlight highlighting her fuzzy pink ears, pink pads.
Sadly, my new camera battery charger doesn’t arrive until Friday.
(I think Sair took mine to New York by mistake, and now has both of them there.)
So no new photos til the weekend.

Basically, just think White Rabbit, but a cat.
The Pink Ears!
The Pink Nose!



18 responses to this post.

  1. You have it all covered!
    So happy for her!

    Nikki may also have been taken in by someone who would never even think to look for a chip.


  2. Lucky kitty! Do you have a name picked out for her, or will she always be Space Shuttle or White Rabbit? Some cats resist being named. The person who rescued our Eliza wanted to call her Silky, but she was more like a Cactus, at least in personality. We finally settled on Eliza, for Eliza Doolittle, because she had a similar wail to Audrey Hepburn’s character.

    I confess I wouldn’t have checked for a chip on a cat I found, largely because we have so many ferals in our area. They’re all so spooked however, they would never come to a human and greet them with a purr.


    • She’s Habibati, or variants on that.
      Meaning something like Beloved.
      So far we haven’t even heard her voice.
      But maybe we haven’t offended her enough for her to use it yet.


  3. Congratulations, Habibati, on hitting the cat home jackpot! You have lucked into awesome people to be yours.


  4. Welcome home, Habibati!!

    I can’t wait to see photos. 🙂


  5. Awww… I love a happy ending!


  6. Good girl. Give her scritches for us.


  7. Yay for Habibati! What a beautiful name, too!


  8. Can’t wait for pictures of the new family member.


  9. Aww she is such a lucky girl. We are down to just the two lilac and little one.. I forsee a future feral coming in to our lives any day now. Of course Bongo is in cat h,eaven at my daughters apartment.


  10. :D! She chose a great fambly to adopt


  11. Posted by aubrey on June 5, 2012 at 1:13 am

    You know, I keep reading her name as ‘Habitat’ – and she’s chosen a fine one at that!


  12. Bless you for taking care of her. A couple of years ago I saw an open carrier near the road when I was walking at the edge of the open space and a subdivision. No cat nearby. I did look for one for a while.


  13. Posted by Robpixaday on July 7, 2012 at 9:34 am

    (Crying little tearzzz of joy here)
    So wonderful!!!!!


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