So, we found the shuttle craft

There’s an overgrown flowering quince hedge between our front yard and the house next door where they have been doing all the renovations.
They began the landscaping a few weeks ago, and cut off all their side of the hedge right at the property line.
Luckily most of it is on my side, so I still have a hedge, but they did leave all the cut branches that came into our yard.
It’s all jungle-like and entangled, so it is a real task to work out the dead bits.
I’ve gone out two or three times to pull the trimmings out from the rest of the plant.
I think the last time I was working on it was maybe ten days or so ago. 

So Sair and I were out there today.
And, there, all tucked up into the back of the hedge, where you can’t see it from the street, but where I totally would have noticed it last time I was out there working, was a cat carrier with half a can of friskies in it and an open door.
Kitty (Habibati?) had been helping us work, and she totally went inside the carrier to check it out.
Me, I think they should have left it on the porch, with a note. 

Tom: I guess this is our cat.




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  1. Someone knows you love kitties. I agree with the porch comment. She is very pretty and her eyes are really cool looking, too.


  2. Well… no surprise I suppose, but at least she is getting on withthe other felines and I think she is beautiful!


  3. Grrrr! How can someone just dump a kitty so callously like that? The “kindness” of leaving one open can of food is so….. GRRRRR!


  4. On the up side — free carrier!
    No seriously, it breaks my heart that people do those things to a sweet, trusting, beautiful kitty.


  5. Luckily, I think the orange cat brought her straight to his basement flat, and in the morning when I opened the back door she scooted right in.
    Am suspecting she may have been an indoors-only kitty.


  6. An indoor kitty suddenly thrust out into the unlimited blue sky, annoying bugs, no fresh water just right there, as well as predators and the speeding four (or more) wheeled monsters…she must have been beyond terrified. Poor little pretty white kitty.


    • I’m just so very pleased with all my kitty guys, since they seem to have uniformly decided Habi needed to come in with them and have food and people.
      They basically herded her to the back door in the morning.


      • Oooo, Habi has a whole herd of admirers! Including all of us Peeps! She is beautiful!
        I was thinking about a black lab mix who was dumped in front of our house several years ago. That poor girl was so lost, confused, scared and sad. I went out and just sat by the road (which she was running up and down looking for the car she had been ejected from away from her family). I sat there until she felt safe enough to approach me. Then she lay down beside me, panting and exhausted. She followed me up to the house and happily joined our pack of (then) four dogs. Ken found her a home through one of his clients and she has a doggie sister. But, people who can just abandon a pet… makes my blood run cold.
        So glad this beautiful girl has you.


  7. Life is so cruel. I don’t understand how people can contribute to making it more cruel. I suppose at least they left the carrier door open, and the Universe has smiled on her by introducing her to your kindness.


  8. she’s beeeeyoooootiful!


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