Not Again…

I went to feed the outdoor kitties: Wolfie, Albert the Orange Feral, and of course the two perfectly tame boys, Doc and Sextus, who like to eat out on the porch with the others (leaving Sisko to eat inside in solitary splendor).
Albert kept looking over his shoulder, back towards his flat in the basement.
Then out comes…. Ta Da!
A new kitty.
She is very fluffy and white, with mismatched eyes.
Fundamentally clean, with new superficial grubbiness to her plume of a tail.
She saw me and made a bee-line for the back door, shouting “Inside! I found it!” and rubbing my ankles.
So I am off to the shelter to put in a Found Cat notice, then around the neighborhood to put up signs.

It is the end of term.
Even odds: 
1) Someone is devastated because she slipped out in the confusion, or 
2) Someone dumped her.
Remembering NikiCat (“rescued” by some twerp from his home), I’m trying to remember that 1) is a real possibility.
We do not need another cat, though she is lovely and very sweet, and none of these guys seems to mind her except for Sisko, and he minds everyone.
I don’t think she is in heat.
She is now off in the house somewhere, trying to see where this “inside” connects with something she knows.


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  1. Awww, she found a safe house – I hope you’re able to reunite her with her owners!


  2. Uh, oh.


  3. Can you get her scanned for a chip?


  4. Weren’t you just saying the other day that kitns weren’t in your future because of all the boys? This could be Nemesis sending you a girl in search of a comfy cardboard box at the back of a cupboard for a bunch of squeakers…


  5. Awwwwww. I do hope you find her owners, but if they dumped her I hope they….well, let’s not go there.
    But, here’s where my husband says “We don’t need another cat.” and I say, “No, but she needs us.”
    Viola’, ‘nuther cat! 🙂

    She sounds just lovely.


  6. Oh, my. Albert has a girlfriend! Is he fixed? If she did belong to someone under Option 1) then perhaps they were responsible enough to fix her and Drude’s scenario won’t come to pass.


  7. Lol at “Nemesis”!


  8. I hope for her sake #1 is correct. At the end of every academic term, we would be visited by at least one furry looking for shelter or a meal. (Not all of them wanted to come into the house, which indicated they might have been abused as well.) Some of them were dogs, which made me feel doubly sad, since they seem less able to take care of themselves when abandoned.

    You might want to have her checked by a vet. Just in case. You don’t want your own cats to be infected by anything, and you might want to be prepared in case she’s carrying extra guests.


  9. New Kitty!!! But…given how white she is and how clean she was and how fluffy she was, she may actually be someones cat!


  10. I think from her general level of white argues that she was someone’s pampered kitty in the fairly recent past.
    She’s clean underneath surface dirt.
    No, Albert is not fixed.
    I was hoping to deal with that this summer.
    Right now she is sleeping in the bed I made for him in the basement.
    And he is hanging about looking besotted.
    Nothing overtly kitten-making seems to be going on though.
    I delivered a Found Cat notice to the shelter, and will go poster up the immediate area tonight.
    The shelter folks say they will scan her, so maybe we will take her by there this weekend.
    (Sair gets back Thursday, and I’m waiting for her to be here and all helpful and all.)
    Tom has already moved back to “we don’t need another indoor cat.”
    I think his resistance is crumbling.
    And maybe someone is looking for her anyway.
    (She is really very very pretty and very very nice.)


  11. I hope someone is looking for her and will be thrilled to have her back. There is no better feeling. Albert will have to deal with losing his crush.


  12. Kitty knew you would take care of her. Just like when Daddy Moo brought his lost buddy BG to us. “They’re good hoomans.”


  13. Hellloooo!!!!!
    Just popped in to see what’s happening.

    ::looks around::

    I’ll stop back later!


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