Any Kindle Readers Out There?

Do Kindle texts give you information about the original pagination?

That is, if you are reading a text and in the original tree-version you would be on page five, does Kindle tell you that page information somewhere?


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  1. I think it does. But it depends on the text. My Mother loves her Kindle. My Dad on the other hand is a big fan of paper….


  2. You can turn that function on, yes. We use the progress meter sometimes. Problem with the page function is that different editions have different page numbers anyway.


  3. Basically, Tom’s student who did not buy the required edition — and therefore did not have the critical essay they also read — is instead using the Kindle edition, but is only footnoting quotations as “Joyce, Kindle.”
    Tom is perplexed.


  4. It doesn’t have page numbers it has locations which is why I don’t buy cook books on a kindle because it says – serve with such and such on page 35 – but I don’t have page 35


  5. Posted by tomzone on April 24, 2012 at 7:25 am

    They’ve just added it on my Kindle app (on Android). It will provide the book page number as the location. (E.g: page 69 of 846 location 1330 of 18455 7%). However, not all books are coded this way: many of the free “classics” only have location information. I love tree books, but iverything I buy anymore i do on the Kindle app.


  6. What Tom said, ^^^. pages numbers are an extra done by the publisher for the readers.
    Tom’s student should search the couch cushions and come up with the moneys to buy the required edition, since she won’t get the critical essay without paying for it. that said, she should be able to provide more info than “Joyce, Kindle”. the chapter? the section? the context?


  7. unrelated to your query,
    I take Tom is teaching Joyce? a particular book, or Joyce overall?

    I love Jamey Joyce – wish I were in the class, I’d even buy the required edition.


    • He’s teaching freshman composition in the Irish Studies Department, and using a variety of texts.
      For Joyce, they are only reading Dubliners.
      I love me some Joyce too, and wish they’d had room for more.


  8. Interesting conundrum. I love my kindle but I am not trying to quote from it.


  9. ::looks around::

    Not me.
    My books all have pages I can hide things in. Just saying.


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