Does something here not smell right?

Supposedly this is the blog of a Marin county woman in the midst of a divorce.
Me, I’m suspecting this is her book, not her life.


http://www.hisgiantmistake dot com

I’m also wondering whether it is even written by a woman – anyone wanna take a guess?


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  1. she sounds like that Mikalee Berman chick here on WP who likes and comments on everything in Freshly Pressed.


  2. She just doesn’t interact with her own life like a Real Person.
    Her kids only appear in convenient little cameos, and then disappear when they might prove inconvenient.
    Like she and the kids go off with to a flight show with the New Romantic Interest.
    He is soooooooo the Right Guy in romance novel terms.
    He appears magically as soon as he is needed for the plot, and has No Issues At All.
    So there they are with two kids 4 and 6 – and it’s an issue that the kids are there because this pisses off the ex.
    But there is nothing about the kids at the show, in fact, she ends up in a plane with Right Guy, taking a romantic impromptu flight lesson.
    (He is interested in her, he takes pleasure in her enjoyment – GO ROMANCE!!)
    Who’s watching those two boys?

    And her family are all ideal and supportive and blah.
    There are no conversations, no quotations, just the cut-out figures of here is my ideal family who are ideal and support me utterly as a given.
    No discussions with mother or brother about divorcing the father of her children, no unfolding of the decision-making process, just there as they came from Central Casting: Her Perfect and Supportive Family.
    And who the hell visits their family and takes texts from their nasty ex- during dinner?
    The then-he-texts-me-during-dinner part is supposed to indicate that the ex is being a jerk, but what adult would be responding and texting him back at that point?

    There’s a whole slew of other unconvincing pseudo-social media stuff too
    What idiot friends their otherwise unconnected secret lover on FB?
    Which only exists so main character can do a FB revenge thing on her.
    Apparently the lovers usually communicate via Skype?
    But she is only able to find only one Skype message by searching “love” on his account.
    Either he saves the conversations or not – either there will be nothing, or there will be four years’ worth of “I don’t know, what are you doing?” in there.
    Again, it’s the drama of it all, and just too damned contrived.

    None if it feels real – the details are all Glamourous Life of the Rich stuff.
    A lot of escapist hanging-out in upscale bars and hiking Mt. Tam and staring soulfully out at the ocean, with side helpings of emo and half-baked personal growth crap.
    So much Wise Advice from the marriage counselor, of course mostly supporting her.
    But nothing real: no money issues, no childcare issues, no lawyers, no problems with who is taking care of the kids when.
    It reeks of Lifetime TV.
    The kids are just props, little measures of the ex-husband’s Ebil Ways, because look! he cheated and we have Children!
    But never emotional, never even interesting.
    This is not someone’s life.

    I think it’s really gross the way she’s getting all these sweet readers sharing stories and advice.
    I call shenanigans, and manipulative stupid one’s at that.
    The whole thing stinks of PR for the upcoming book of the same name.
    I’m not even sure the writer is female, because so far as I can tell this is no woman I’ve ever spoken with.


  3. Ick. I see exactly what you mean.
    Readers beware!


  4. Well, damn it! You found my secret blog!

    (Honestly, I wonder about a lot of these “my life and kids are perfect” blogs anyway.)


  5. This couldn’t be more fake if it tried. If it tried, it might be more believable. Yod pointed out the concert date/ticket mistake.


  6. I can’t wait to do the Alcatraz swim!
    Love Yourself,


    • I’m predicting some kind of almost-fail, but then she’ll find her real, inner strength and persevere and all.
      It will be transformative, and the belittling thing the ex said beforehand will become as nothing.
      It will be inspring to us all, and we can all learn to be our own best friends, don’t you think?


  7. Just remember people:
    “I’m a work in progress with a bright and beautiful future.”


  8. I can already see the movie poster, which is what she’s obviously angling for. And probably cursing the fact that Oprah doesn’t have a show any more.


  9. Ugh. At first I assumed it was a late entry for April Fools Day, but went back to check. The date’s wrong. So…real? Not real? Probably a mix, esp if it’s her “book.”

    Whatever it is, it left me feeling like I need one of those hazardous spill decontamination booths set up for me. RIGHT NOW.

    But I’m a little cynical about these things.
    Hang on…maybe it’s computer-generated. Like it grabs “trigger words” and plugs them in for effect. You know, words that will dazzle the Goggle-bots?



    • It does have a strong not-a-person vibe.
      Maybe that’s it.
      Am now just waiting, ho-hum:
      For the story arc to develop.
      For the romance with Mr. Right to take off – cos no one can just get divorced and then be alone!.
      And then for some kind of Big Reveal.


  10. Oh my god take a gander at today’s post!

    No freaking wonder he strayed! If she was constantly hovering telling him how to do everything…she’s lucky he didn’t put a hit out on her! (I mean, theoretically, since it’s all fabricated…)


    • This is more of the kind of content that makes me think that perhaps this isn’t even a woman.
      The opening is just such generic body-hatred stuff.
      And just slightly, slightly off, you know?
      No mention of weight, sizes, just more exercise references.
      Funny funny about the big feet, but the discussion people have about that sort of thing doesn’t quite sound like this.
      This person, as described, wouldn’t even be looking for the “girly” stuff.
      As someone who has atypical feet (really wide toes), I know all about problems with shoe hunting, and have been hearing variants on that discussion all my life.
      Women don’t go around regretting that the girly stuff in their size looks awful.
      In fact, this character wouldn’t even be looking for the “girly” stuff – that does’t match up with the rest.
      And I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman refer to shoes as “girly.”
      What real people with non-standard feet spend their time lamenting is that they can’t find anything suitable to their lives that fits.
      As I said, it’s just off.

      And it’s also not a particularly realistic description of hovering.
      To repeat, where the hell are the two kids?
      If he’s driving, the mother of two small kids is keeping them from killing each other or destroying the car.
      If he’s cooking it’s because she is coping with the two-ring circus in the other room.
      Seriously, when I had even just the one kid I did not have the time to watch everything Tom was doing.
      And no matter how clueless she might have been, pre-child, this issue would have been seriously discussed long long ago.
      It would not be sudden revelation time now.

      And if the answer to the kids question is that they are, as is implied, uber-wealthy, and the help are always there to cope, that doesn’t work either.
      Her nanny, or her maid, would be part of the household and we’d have met them before this.

      I don’t mean to go on so much, but I find this whole thing really annoying and patronizing.
      It is all just Good Wife Propaganda, thinly veiled as personal history and growth.
      She’s going to become a moar trusting and womanly woman and get rewarded with new and improved hubby.
      Boring and pretentious and condescending to people with real issues.


  11.!/ cleoeverest
    (I stuck a space in at the end before her name so the link wouldn’t go live)
    She’s everywhere! Did you Goggle her name? SO MANY hits, URLS…and each one seems to have the SAME opening sentence! VERY VERY odd.
    And she’s Tweeting, too.
    Lucky us.

    Maybe it’s some kind of fundamentalist propaganda. Or something,


    • It doesn’t seem fundamentalist, so much as just more just squishy-feelie self-help.
      But covertly misogynistic for all that, in the emphasis on all her former bad wife habits, and the whole guidance from the New Man straightening out her life.


    • Oh, went to her twitter, and went all the way to the beginning.
      Dunno about you, but if I were therapeutically blogging about my marriage break-up, under a pseudonym and all, I don’t think I would have simultaneously started a twitter under my cover name to be promoting my blog with.
      This is such blatant PR work.


      • Haa! Yes! That’s what most of the search hits look like: places where she’s posting about her posts. Like they’re news stories…

        I guess they’re all monetized.


  12. Whoever it is thinks they are going to make a mint with the next Eat Prey, Love (sic).
    oh crap, that link may give a pingback to here if you want to delete it, I always forget about that stuff.


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