Well, the bathroom in the back apartment is going to be spiffy

And it will eat up pretty much the whole tax return.
Le Sigh.

After the last lot of tenants rotted out the wall by the shower (shower curtains, a difficult concept), I’m making sure that the repairs will be make the bathroom essentially flaky-tenant-proof.

So it’s all rebuilt up from the subfloor, with tiny little hexagonal tiles on the floor, and subway tiles around the shower, white, with black trim. 
Very basic, very plain, basically indestructible, and if they want color, they can buy fancy towels. 

As long as we had to pull out the toilet and vanity to replace the floor, we’re also putting in a new low-flow toilet, and hanging the sink from the wall.
This should prevent eliminate the little closed off space between the tub and the sink, which is where the kids were accumulating the water all the time.
Now it can be opened up, and house a litter box, as it should.

And, dang it, if I had done all this before I started showing the place, I probably could be charging a bit more.
But I like the tenants who are moving in.
And part of the whole place looking better thing is the work they are doing, painting and minor repairs.
So it is all good.

Though I have small amounts of sadness for all the frivoling I will not be doing instead with the refund.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like an improvement that had to be made and is now made in a way that it won’t have to be done again! So that’s great! So sorry about the frivoling, though.


  2. Home remodeling do take a bite, don’t she? But it sounds like it will be much improved (and tenant-proof). Cheers to new tenants!


  3. When I was talking to the tile guy, the new tenant guy was asking the contractor about how to go about re-caulking the windows.


  4. It sounds as if that is going to be one really lovely bathroom. Those low flow toilets though, always seem to leave a little to be desired, though frankly speaking they are muc much better for the environment. I’m planning on calling my landlord on Monday about my ongoing kitchen woes…but at least my landlord is a company who had lots of people to do the maintenance. Good Luck! and yes, would be nice to be remodeling your own!!!


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