“…the anti-woman spring offensive has come on in full. Virginia lawmakers ended up imposing a standard ultrasound mandate rather than the “transvaginal” version, one of at least ninety-two new regulations or restrictions that states have imposed on abortion since 2011, and one of at least 155 introduced in state legislatures since the start of the year. Rush Limbaugh revealed himself to be astoundingly ignorant of female sexuality. Rick Santorum demonstrated many times over that, for him, no idea in “the sexual realm” is too outlandish. They and their anti-woman allies have lobbed so many bombs it’s easy to get distracted, to assume a posture of defensive, and sometimes politically dicey, defense: but no federal money pays for abortion;women who delay child-bearing are more productivethe Pill eases painful periodsmost of what Planned Parenthood does has nothing to do with abortioncontraceptives help against rheumatoid arthritisMrs. Santorum might have died under the fetal personhood platforms her husband toutsSandra Fluke is not a slut…

What of it if she were? By any other name, ain’t she a woman? A human being? The descendants of slave masters have no more right to control her sexuality and reproductive organs, to deny her self-determination, than did their predecessors. Mother or slut, prostitute or daughter, law student or lazybones who just wants to have sex all day, she is heir in her person to a promise of universal freedom, one that does not make such distinctions but that recognizes an individual’s right to her life, her labor, her body and self-possession all as one. Forget trying to shut up a gasbag on the radio; there is a basic constitutional liberty to uphold.”

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  1. do they not realize that if women only have sex when they want to have children, men will never get that sweet nooky? I just dont get it, it seems there are more proposed laws for abortions than actual abortions…. sigh


  2. Yes!
    You know, I really want to someone turn up at the demonstrations with a Men For Nooky sign.
    (There are a lot of demonstrations happening, btw, just not being covered.)


  3. LOL What I want to know is Who the heck do they think all the women are having sex with. Themselves?


  4. Posted by geologywoman on April 12, 2012 at 9:42 am

    “Rush Limbaugh revealed himself to be astoundingly ignorant of female sexuality.” Shock! Horror! (snork)
    OMG sometimes I really do not know where those dinosaurs get off.


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