There is too such a thing as an ugly baby

Because here is an entire blog of them.
(Renaissance, you worry me.)


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  1. Well, you know. They were just more brutally frank back then.


  2. It worries me to consider that many of these were idealized portrayals.


    • Some of the artists are actually from the Baroque era. The Baroque loved freaks and sensational topics—rape, adultery, murder, etc. Hence the bearded ladies and weird-looking babies. Apparently some Spanish duke had a collection of beaded lady paintings. Go figure.


  3. I love that there is a blog devoted to this!


  4. there’s a tumblr for everything!! bahaha!


  5. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on March 21, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Yo. Them’s some ugly babbies.


  6. Babies need more fur, like kittehs. Then any ugly would be underneath.
    That’s an amazing blog…


  7. there is no subject too insignificant to be tumblrized.

    two faves:
    Escher Ladies – dedicated to the poses of female heroes in comics and other graphic art. introduced the phrase “boobs’n’ass pose” to the vernacular.

    Mittens does Will S. – exactly what it says. dear old Mittens is pompous enough to deliver some of the most over the top Shakesperian lines.


  8. btw, here in the South, the proper behavior when presented with an ugly baby is to admire her for a bit, followed by “my oh, my. that’s an interestingbaby !?”

    my sister was a labor and delivery nurse for several years. she told us there was a code for babies who were not overtly baby-with-a-problem, but were still a bit ‘off’. the code was FLK, as in “paging doctor C, FLK in Delivery”.
    FLK=funny looking kid


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