People Have Been Posting This

Because she is incredibly clear.
If you haven’t read it yet, you should do so.

“This week the Georgia State legislature debated a bill in the House, that would make it necessary for a woman to carry a stillborn baby until she ‘naturally’ goes into labor just as, according to Representative Terry England, pregnant cows and pigs do.”

And take it from there.

My own hope is that it is all some devious plot of that endangered political species, the moderate Republican.
Perhaps they are allowing the lunatic base of the party a free run, in the belief that it will all go smash, and the cretins will crawl back under their rocks.
I mean, even in Arizona, even in Alabama, half the voters are women.
And even in the craziest states, don’t some of those women have caring fathers, sons, husbands, and brothers?
If these bastards stay in office after November, even in the reddest of red states, I guess I will be discovering yet new depths for my shame at my nation.


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  1. I ‘liked’ this, which in this case means I am infuriated by it!


  2. I think it must be some kind of plot because even for America it’s just surreal how bad it’s become. One woman on MSN said this is an attack on our daughters, and they don’t know what they’ve unleashed. I agree – we won’t stand for this. I think they’re done for.

    N.H.’s new laws to make women suffer a waiting period and sign forms, although not as bad as this, still makes me deeply ashamed of my home state. They used to be so much more moderate when I grew up there.


  3. Oh god, they have no idea…. I’ve had several friends who found out their babies had died while still in the womb. The days they spent after hearing the news were incredibly sad and painful, and while they did not look forward to having their labor induced, it was a relief for them afterwards.

    But comparing pregnant women to cows and pigs is just more proof that right wing thinks of women as nothing better than breeders. This is frightening stuff, something even Margaret Atwood couldn’t invent.


  4. It’s beyond belief how the wives of these idiots don’t take a steak knife to their gonads while they are asleep.


    • LOL!! Well, that might just give them a reason to whine. If I were on of those wives I’d be withholding sex probably, forever. Let them get caught at some wretched paid agency and see what the media jackals have to say about it.


  5. Um … I live in an area where a lot of cattle are raised and I don’t know anyone who leaves a stillborn calf inside a cow. It causes all kinds of problems for the future productivity of that cow. This guy is an absolute idiot.


  6. What the fuck??! Grrr, some people…. *stomps off*


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