Because apparently there is a right way to call young women whores because you disagree with them

And poor Butt Limbaugh did’t manage to find the nicer way to do it.
So he’s sorry for choosing the wrong words.
For three days running.

As usual, Rachel Maddow does a lovely job on this:




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  1. I am commenting with difficulty from my phone cuz my computer is dead. I have to say that I was furious with what I found out today. I work for one of “those” religious hospitals and was told by a young male co-worker that his vasectomy was all paid for by our insurance. All he paid was 25 dollars.WTF? I


  2. Grrrrr.
    The thing I am glad about is that all of this uproar is really getting a lot of women and other people to sit up and take notice!


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