Baffling cats are baffling

But sometimes it is a good thing.

Wolfie and Sisko appear to have signed a secret non-agression treaty.
The exact details are lacking, but it appears that as far as Sisko is concerned, Wolfie has progressed from Attack on Sight to That Cat is Invisible to Me.

Which means Wolfie is now allowed access to the first floor, without inciting instant full-on warfare.
He has adopted a kitchen chair and is training me that standing there means PATS!
Still, the places Wolfie has walked through or sat upon require close inspection by Sisko, but the cat himself is now being ignored so thoroughly that it is a thing of beauty.
I am awarding all non-fights with praise and treats, mostly in Sisko’s direction.

I’m still afraid to test matters by luring Wolfie upstairs, since there is only the one staircase, and access to it was a vexed question.
Alas, all Sisko-Wolfie battles took the form of Sisko madly chasing a fleeing a terrified and bewildered Wolfie.
In the final days of Wolfie in the House, the poor boy usually came to the upstairs only via tree and window, sneaking in to try to sleep with us, but he gave up on it entirely after several fur-flying rooftop encounters, and settled into occupying the back porch.

We’re all – cats and people – tiptoeing about carefully, trying to adjust to the new situation, but it’s been about a week, and still no fights.
And – hurrah! – Wolfie is bringing himself in the cat door, and settling into the kitchen chair and warm laundry room without being jumped.
He is so happy he rattles with purrs if you even look at him.

As long as Sisko doesn’t turn around and suddenly invade Russia, we seem to be in a good place.


8 responses to this post.

  1. šŸ™‚ Skritches all around and – just pretend nothing happened and enjoy it!


  2. Wolfie is asleep on his poofy blankie on the kitchen chair even now.
    happy, happy, happy, happy


  3. Excellent! Being ignored is in this case a very good thing šŸ™‚


  4. wonderful news are wonderful.
    you are wise not to push the Grey Prince’s limits
    and let things just be for now.



  5. Teh Grey Primpse shows some noblesse oblige.

    hoorah for Wolfie.


  6. I’m so glad to hear Wolfie gets a little more space to be a house cat, and not just a porch cat.


  7. Ahhh! that’s big progress, lauo! It can only get better.


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