Got a few minutes?

Here’s a nifty website that has contact information for the sponsors of Rush Limbaugh.

If you have a little spare time, you might want to let them know your opinion of his current spate of hate talk.

Because, yes, he does have a right to free speech, but remember that so do you.


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  1. Absolutely! I will be happy to share my thoughts about RL to the sponsers! 🙂 Thanks for this link, Lauo!


  2. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on March 2, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    I already signed a petition. What a creepy, nasty old man.


  3. I seem to remember something that news stations used to have, called “Equal Time”. This worked quite well in ensuring at least half-decent tv and radio journalism. I wish to heck I could remember who brought it up again recently, but I think it should be brought back. I miss Peter Jennings.


  4. Apparently, Lim-bah’s sponsors are abandoning him as fast as they can throw him.

    I was really happy Sleep Train, a local company, dumped Rush. I also signed a petition demanding that ProFlowers stop sponsoring the Lim-bah.


  5. Thank you for this information. I am beginning to house hunt this weekend, and just informed Century 21 I will not be dealing with them in any way during this process because of their support for this hate-monger. 🙂


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