What a mean old man, what a dirty old man


Why is he even in the news.

Why doesn’t he poison himself with his own spit.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Vile and despicable thinking. I’ve never seen such glaring misogyny.


  2. It’s basically his job and what pleases his corporate masters.
    Nasty attack dog makes nasty attacks.
    But, considering a month in which we buried two of Tom’s cousins – both of them sweet men who will be missed, and then my brother-in-law also died – in his own way a decent enough guy – why is this bag-o-shit still around enjoying the sight of the sun?
    If there is a deity, I fail to understand Her humor.


    • I am a free-willer, so I am inclined to say people unfortunately have the freedom to act like fools, and it is not a divine thing to impel and force mortals and rob their right to choose.

      Those of us that disagree with this idiot still are able to do so, even though I do understand it seems hopeless sometimes.

      That is just me, however. Your mileage may always vary depending on road conditions, choice of vehicle, driving style, etc.


  3. Oh, but this is PETA’s realm, too– say something utterly ridiculous, inflammatory, etc. to get attention, positive or negative.

    Apparently, it works. When Vu made a post about Davy Jones passing away after a heart attack, he said TMZ once again seemed to have the first scoop, and news agencies were crediting them as the source. He also said he hadn’t heard of them until the breaking news about Michael Jackson’s death.

    I said something to the effect that it seemed tabloid journalism was only a few steps away in the news. Obviously, it may take a different incarnation when passing through the realm of right-wing authoritarianism, conspiracy theory, and talk radio– but I do believe it is much the same thing. We have had this for a long time, for “muckraking”, “yellow journalism”, and the like are at least 100-200 year old concepts in the U.S. and much likely older elsewhere.

    It has been said that in this Information Age, our societies do not have as many voices that are commonly considered authoritative. We therefore must choose for ourselves, to filter, to decide what we listen to. In other words– we either ignore Rush entirely, use humor as a weapon (“Rush is a Band”, etc.), or carefully construct our debate to persuade how our choice is better. One of the man’s pissy defenses is that he is an entertainer… why not entertain others and have a laugh about what a Oxycontin-popping fool he is?

    Ugh. Sorry. I really can get rolling like a blowhard juggernaut. But does it make just a little bit of sense?


  4. I dislike wishing for people to die. But, I will be honest and say there are some people I wish would just drop dead and Rush Limbaugh is one of them.


  5. The real crime here is that this man has a microphone. Between the loud, blatant lies and outright sexual harassment, any one of us, man or woman, would have been shown out the door by our bosses and told to not let the door slam us in the ass when we exit.


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