Just a quick note

Wolfie has lived with us for 7 years. When he arrived he had been abused by his previous owner, and it took me months to coax him out of hiding. At his best, he calmed down enough to come up to both of us in the house, sleep on the bed, and generally behave like a normally shy kitty.

Tom has always shared in feeding him though that is mostly my responsibility. Tom has never said boo to him or been at all anything but friendly. On occasion, before Sisko The Grey Terror moved in, Tom was even allowed, on special occasions, to pat him.

At this point, Wolfe has regressed so far that he won’t let Tom near him, even bearing food. Tom isn’t allowed to look at him any more. When the neighbor’s tiny dog barks, inside the neighbor’s apartment, Wolfie will flee, even if he was in the middle of eating his dinner.

Could someone explain to Wolfie that a full-sized dog walking down the driveway, inside his gate, would not be a problem? Oh, and he should totally keep sunning himself on the back staircase, because it is all mellow. As long as you are at it, get the three totally feral boys in on the discussion as well. Since the construction next door has totally destroyed their previous habitat, they now pretty much live in this yard. I’m sure they will be reassured.


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  1. I think there should be some sort of credit check or whatever that could work.

    Barring that, Wolfie needs a lawyer. (And a shrink)


  2. who could have ever even thought of abusing Wolfie?
    beautiful, fierce,

    as they say here in Kentucky, “some folks need killin’ ”

    I like LT’s suggestion. Wolfie needs a doctor, a diagnostic of PSTD and a lawyer.


  3. A shrink might seriously help.
    And meds for Sisko, who Haz Issues.
    We consider it, but there are problems there too.

    Is possible that the situation is being gently, gently backed away from.
    Tip toe, tip toe.
    Third party has hinted that crazy to us lady might just be a crazy roommate.
    Hope. hope. hope.

    Wolfie is a beautiful kitty, and some nutcase adopted him from the shelter and terrorized him.
    Also somehow finagled taking him away before fixing him, promising to do so.
    Then returned him terrified, with an abcess, and – as it turned out – balls.
    He is really not designed to be a tomcat.

    He snuck in past Sisko the other night and sat on my chest in the house and blissed out for about twenty minutes.
    Eyes closed, muffin paws, vibrating with purrs.
    Then there was a Noise, and he fled.
    Sisko then went outside and chased him.


  4. Is Wolfie an indoor cat or an indoor/outdoor cat? If he is indoor/outdoor maybe keeping him in for a few days (a week or so) would help settle him down and make him feel safe once again? Poor kitty.


    • The problem is that Sisko lives here.
      And Sisko is obsessed with attacking him.
      He’s fine with the Furry Brothers, he’s fine with the Ferals, but Wolfie drives him mad.
      We did lock the Wolf in when it was very cold, and he was happy about it.
      But it meant that Sisko started hunting him outside.


  5. Holysmokes……..(((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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