February is a very short month

For all practical purposes, February is pretty much the same thing as March, so far as I’m concerned.

The pile of cards and stamps on my table? Nothing there says “expiration date February 29th,” so I think I’ll just spreeeeaaad things out, as needed.

Other people?


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  1. Well, since you asked….I’m done plus three. Ken had to work Saturday evening so I sat down in front of the TV with a beer and my stuff and cranked out 19 cards. Sunday we went out for lunch and stopped by the post office. I dropped them all in the mail. I be officially done, but may yet send out a few more. 8:-)


    • But you have to reply to everyone who writes to you, too!


      • I’ve yet to receive a card from someone I haven’t sent one to. Even if I still have to reply to the ones I’ve received that’s only 3 more cards. Now that you’ve dared me I guess I’ll have to do it! 8:-)


      • I missed this. We have to REPLY to everyone who sends us a card or letter, in addition to sending mail to everyone on our list? That’s a bit much, isn’t it?


        • I think this is one of those rules that I will be breaking.


        • The reply counts as an item if you don’t have enough people to write to.

          My replies are going to be extending into March, for sure.

          I got 4 postcards out today. I think that’s everyone I intended to write to (except there are still peeps I need to reply to).

          All we got yesterday was a grumpy notice from the DMV and junk mail from the cable company. 😦


  2. I intend to keep going until I send everyone a card. It won’t all be in February for sure!


  3. I have done horribly with the Snail Mail Challenge. I’ve received three (four if you count a husband/wife team) and I’ve sent out four (I sent separate cards/letter to the husband/wife team). And you can only count four if you count the two that are currently sitting in the mailbox waiting for tomorrow’s mail run. So, yeah, uhm. I suck at this. I remember now why I love the computer and Microsoft’s Word program…people can read things that I type, while their ability to decipher my hand-writing most likely leaves them scratching their head in wonder…(wonder how she made it through school with that kind of hand-writing, wonder how her grandparents ever figured out what she was telling them)…yeah. I suck.


    • Oh, I suck too!
      But I will do it all.
      Just not necessarily in February.
      Only do what you feel like doing – there are no Postal Police monitoring it all.
      Just for lolz!

      (And my handwriting is worse than yours. It just is.)


    • Oh, you’re allowed to type! The important thing is putting them in the mail, not whether they’re hand-written or not.


  4. I’m staggering the mailing-out bit 😀


  5. I’m up for it, too! I’m behind and not sure I have the full list of peeps. I’ve made some out but to those who have sent so far. I’m a big behind who’s a little behind! I’ll get them out though. :)♥


  6. Lauo, the only thing I had trouble reading on your lovely cat bride painting postcard was your signature. Thank goodness for the postmark, I could deduce who it was from and then decipher it!

    p.s. I imagine Wolfie to be the cat groom.


  7. I was doing pretty well until last week, but then my Miaolings got lazy. So I will probably carry over into March, at this rate. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    Love your postcard! It’s on the fridge giving the Miao Brothers funny looks.


  8. It’s supposed to be fun, not stress – do it at which ever pace suits you 🙂


  9. Winter would go fast if the months were short. What if they only had 20 days?


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