Take a wild guess



Take a guess, really. A hint, it’s a fossil.





4 responses to this post.

  1. Hmmm, it’s a difficult angle to see anything useful in…I’ll just guess femur of a frickin’ large dino and *clicks link*……*returns* well, I definitely had it wrong! Cool!


  2. wow, that is fascinating. I never would have guessed.


  3. Ok, I first (jokingly) thought “Wow, that is one huge dinosaur turd.”, but after looking at it I am thinking maybe an ocean dwelling creature?

    Now to go look!


  4. Whoa, that is really cool! I would LOVE to travel back in time to see what the world looked like when it was covered with these massive things. (Ooops, I almost gave it away!)

    I had to laugh at the quote in the article “Plant-eating dinosaurs had not yet evolved to trample Prototaxites’ to the ground. “It’s hard to imagine these things surviving in the modern world,” Boyce said.”

    Not to be snarky at Boyce, but obviously these things couldn’t survive in the modern world, cuz they’re not here! 😉


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