Awwww… Old Geezer remembers the good ole days

Charming old man, and rich enough to buy him a presidential campaign too!


See, first the “gal” uses the Bayer aspirin for a contraceptive – yep it sure is cheap!  Then she tries to abort it with a coat hanger, and dies.

Ah, the wages of sin and all.


6 responses to this post.

  1. GOP, how I wish you would just bitch slap your Dixiecrat invaders and kick ’em to the curb.


  2. I always wonder how good these “boys” were when they were younger. Did he keep it in his pants all the time, right up until his wedding night? And did his wife keep an aspirin between her knees until they decided they wanted another child?

    Judging from the disgusting grin on his face, this fella thought he was purdy darn funny.


  3. Grrrrr.
    I hate them all. Hate hate hate.


  4. Oh yes, so clever, you ignorant old bastard.


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