I am all happy over my latest discovery.
If I drive Tom in to campus for his class, and then head straight to Berkeley Bowl, I get there at the perfect time.
Every afternoon they do a sweep of the produce section to pretty it up for the late afternoon crowds.
Everything that is perhaps not perfect, or perhaps they simply have too much of, or perhaps it is priced too high and not selling?
They pack it into *full* plastic produce bags and clear it out at 99 cents a bag.

It tends to go fast.

So I just loaded up on many bags of mixed citrus, and one each of sweet potatoes, portabellos, ripe red pears, and green grapes.
My favorite find – not today though – was once getting two bags full of a random selection of all their wild mushrooms.

Soooo…. Dinner tonight? Fresh orange (and other) juice, roasted veggies over rice, and fruit salad.


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  1. Now that is a FIND!


  2. Yum…

    Headz up — tomorrow (February 15th) on my blog, I’m interviewing our very own peep, Aubrey!


  3. Very nice! 😀


  4. Posted by geologywoman on February 15, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Sounds lovely, though Masha would not eat that. LOL
    I love fresh fruit and veg. I love living close to Italy and Spain and the beautiful stuff that comes out of there with a small carbon footprint to boot (ark ark I make word connectionz)
    It has gotten to where sometimes I make a different dinner for each of us. Not much trouble really, since I enjoy cooking and food prep. Tonight I had fish and salad and he had stuffed baked potatoes, roast free range local pork and a little bit of salad. Oh, and a bagette.


  5. Posted by geologywoman on February 15, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    take photos!


  6. So much yummines! I wish there was a store like that around here.


  7. That sounds awesome. I feel lucky to get “clearance” tomatoes at the farmers market in the summer. Go right as they close up and they’ll sell you the perfectly ripe but somewhat bruised ones for cheap. They won’t hold over another day, but they’re just right for eating in an hour.


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