Don’t play politics with people’s lives

Just saying.


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  1. Posted by geologywoman on February 4, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    How awful and that someone with power can create such sad and very bad things such as extreme homophobism. Ugh – this I will not miss about the USA.

    On another note, while on their website, I enjoyed


  2. ::sigh::



  3. Oh. Bachman’s district. No wonder. I’m still astounded by how much teachers didn’t care.
    What has happened to basic respect?


  4. This article is no surprise, given that Anoka has long been a haunt for Christian conservatives. I suspect it’s only heightened awareness and protests by LGBT activists in Minnesota that have gotten people to take steps against legalized homophobia in the Anoka-Hennepin USD.

    Interestingly, Garrison Keillor is from there, and it’s thought by many that Anoka is the model for Lake Woebegone. Last year he wrote a public letter in which he denounced Michelle Bachmann and said she was an embarrassment to Minnesotans. Which she is, though Minnesotans love to point out she’s from Iowa. Where they can’t let the cheerleaders onto the field or they’ll start grazing. (Sorry, state rivalry joke.)


  5. I read this and just wanted to cry. I don’t even understand how people who think homosexuality is wrong could be willing to allow the torture of young people.


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