Remember to Respond to the List, Peeps

If it’s all okay, tell me so!



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  1. Posted by Riesie on February 1, 2012 at 1:43 pm



    • So, is it okay to send you a bunch of addresses/send your information to people?
      There’s no one scary on list.
      If you are curious, you can page through my people I follow here, cos there are some very nifty people on this list.


  2. I’m in 🙂 *waits patiently (hah!) for list of adresses, spends time plotting what to send to who (be afraaaaid! Or maybe not.)*
    Thank you once again for (attempting) to herd this pack of bloggers, we’re probably much, much more easily distracted than the cats…! But this will be a lot of fun! Have I told you that the international stamps here came with OTTERS on them? How perfect is that??


  3. I can’t wait! I’m cleaning out my closets and drawers now. ;-D


  4. I’m good with the sharing of information…or is there an e-mail out there that I haven’t seen/received?


    • I’m confused. Sorry.

      Are you aware that you have given both a Yahoo and a Gmail e-mail address?

      We are supposed to snail mail anyone on the list at any time this month, right? Seems simple, but I’m good at making the most simple things complicated.

      Thank you so much for trying to get all of us assorted blogger-types organized for Snail-Mail February.


    • I did send out an email last night with the names of people on the list.
      Because some folks don’t want their information to go out to everyone.
      So people are responding to that email, telling me who is okay to send what to.
      (Most people are fine with everyone.)
      You should have gotten that maybe this morning.


  5. They are both me.
    I confuse myself with the two of them too.
    The email of names is just for people who want to only release their address to some people.
    There is no one scary on the list, but there are people with differing levels of comfort with sharing stuff like this.
    I think there are plenty of names for everyone, since people will also have their own addresses to think of.


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