Snail Mail – Tuesday afternoon

I still need address information from these people who have expressed interest:


Geologygirl, and


AND anyone else who wants onto the list. Though I expect I will probably end up sending additional updated stuff in another week or so, for any stragglers.

Soooooo. To repeat procedure:

1) I will send everybody an email tomorrow, giving the names of people who are interested in getting mail. If you don’t want to be on this email, tell me asap. (For example, one person knows exactly who should get the address info, so I won’t even list that person’s name on this email to other people.) If you have privacy issues about being on this group list of names only, TELL ME NAOW!

2) Everyone will respond to that email, like immediately, with their privacy information. Of course.

3) I will organize like a mad organizing person, checking everything at least twice, and then mail everyone their appropriate list, as soon as I can.

I may not get this all done by February 1st. I suggest, then, if you want to do the entire February Challenge of mailing stuff every day, that you start off with your own personal list. Lurker, being brilliant, is going to work off her Christmas card list. And we should all, I think, send something to the Muse of the Project:

Mary Robinette Kowal
P.O. Box 13346
Portland, OR 97213-0346

Anyway, if you are interested, and have not yet sent me your information, please send it to my email:  lauowolf at gmail dot com.


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