Sums it up pretty well



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  1. That’s hilarious! Where did you find it?


  2. It was on Tumblr
    So it is difficult to attribute.

    I’m trying to decide whether I’m more of an aging hippie or a recycling nut.


  3. I’ll take the bird watching swamp, thanks. LOL.


  4. You’d love the bird watching swamp and especially the bird shit islands.

    They’ve got the large purple blob wrong, though — it’s rich Indians (and some rich Chinese). The Mexicans are middle to poor, and the hair bands have finally given up.

    But Hell and Fog Fog Fog are both accurate, as is “cute little rats…”

    Lauo is definitely a retired hippie.


    • Yes, but I have mad recycling chops as well!
      Scrap metal, hangers, dead dvds, mixed hard plastic, and batteries all going off to El Something this weekend.
      (Paper, cans, and glass get picked up here.)
      Two bags of old Heritage magazines are going to the library sale.
      Three bags of Goodwill randomness in the front hall

      Perhaps there is a fair amount of overlap between the two categories….


      • But you’re not nuts about it… not gathering up other people’s stuff and making constructions/art out of recycled items.

        Our garbage takes plastic and batteries, so no more running to El Something.


  5. Oh, I just talked to AmyH. As is appropriate, she is smack in the middle of “Tourists”.


    • oooooo
      that’s right, she’s here!
      there was mention of maybe a brunch or something.
      she’s actually in the city?


      • She’s leaving Sunday afternoon, so Sunday breakfast/ brunch is a possibility. Do you have her number? I will send it to you, if my phone cooperates. Her hotel is right next to a BART station.


        • Never mind, did the direct thing and left it on your answering machine.

          I see BrownA reshared this over on G+


          • Sorry I missed you! We were all over Tourists, Hippies, Gay Town USA, and Dead Bodies.

            Next time I’ll be sure to make more time for the real peeps. We had a blast and no drama even with 10 people traveling.


  6. Pardon my digging back through old posts…

    Jack Yan shared a “U.S. according to New Yorkers” at about the same time. Oh, how this meme is making the rounds… I saw tons of variations on the U.S., Europe, the U.K., and observations of such by all three as well as hipsters and other subcultures. The main links were at Flickr, too, so this seems to be spreading through a lot of the Internet, if not the “social networks” alone.

    Didn’t know there was one for just San Francisco, but… *cough* as it does seem to be a hipster mecca in a lot of ways (a sister of mine lives in the San Jose area so I’m not just whistling Dixie…) I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, I’m 4 and 3 hours away from Seattle and Portland, out in “Nuclear Cultural Wasteland”, a.k.a. “Nukieland”, and hipsters can’t get all the free shots at our expense. (Near Hanford reservation and PPNL? You betcha!)


    • I think there are a lot of the variants of this wandering about.
      The locus classicus was an old, I think, New Yorker cover of the US as seen from New York.


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