And this, I’d always pretty much suspected


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  1. This is a direct result of Republican-run states having a larger percentage of desperately poor people due to failed policies and crumbling schools, I bet. Furthermore the rate of pollution probably means more sick people and crumbling infrastructure. One problem both parties have a tendency to look just 2 years into the future rather than decades into the future.


  2. Actually, Washington is not purely a “blue” state by area– the Sea-Tac area just has a lot of population density to overwhelm everyone else that is more “red”, especially east of the Cascades. Oregon is also much the same. (It’s almost like the Northern Cali/SoCal divide, in some ways. And me? Well, I like to think I’m purple polka-dotted…)

    These statistics generally don’t take other factors into account– Texas might be on the “giving” side, but speaking to people that live in Texas or have visited, they could be on the “getting” side if some factors were different. They have their fair share of desperately poor. There is no question that Texas has a LOT of problems– if the BBC does a story on CPS and mentions Texas a lot… all possibility of journalistic and regional bias aside, that DOES indicate something, to me.


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