My new amusement

This is my new amusement. Apparently the show was on in the 90s, so I missed it somewhere in the six moves (and a few summer moves too) in six years period. Or it may have been on at the same time as Reading Rainbow or Space Cases or something.

Anyway, it is Two Fat Ladies. They are seriously odd, being really British rather than Masterpiece Theater, aren’t they sweet, British. I just watched the Stephen Frye clone cook a chicken with about two pounds of butter. Srsly.

I may be in love.


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  1. Posted by Riesie on January 14, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Oh, I used to love them. Did they ride about in their motorcycle in this episode?


  2. Yep, they arrived in it.
    Soooooooo cool.


  3. Oh I used to watch this, but then one of them died of cancer, she smoked like a chimney mind you – Jennifer it was – I’ve since seen Clarissa in other shows though.


  4. My room mate had a recipe book of theirs… with the weirdest recipes in it… First time I opened it randomly onto a page of how you prepare bull’s penises… apparently it’s a long-ish process of cleaning and cooking and then you end up slicing it very thinly… but just the thought… I never actually cooked anything from that book, but it was good fun to read.
    I think it was all food taboos or something… funny girls!


  5. Aren’t they the best? I would love to know what channel they are on, we don’t seem to have it except online. Fry is great too.


  6. I think they became wildly popular back then because everyone was sick of those grapefruit diets and being told everything delicious was going to kill them. It was fun to listen to their commentary, though they were not particularly sympathetic to animal rights’ groups or vegetarians. I enjoyed their take on traditional English dishes like steak and kidney pie, and the snapshots of English life, like high tea and the pony trekking club shown in the episode above. But like Drude I never attempted to cook any of their dishes. I was too squeamish to try kidneys.


  7. iirc, they had a kind of cult status with some gay men in the UK. I can see why!


  8. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on January 17, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    ha ha! Love these two hefty ladies, attitude and all.


  9. Haaa! They were very cool. Thank you for posting this!! Brought back fond memories!


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