Seasonal Kitty is Seasonal

Doc has scientifically established that, despite its name, mincemeat contains no meat.

Because he is science-minded, like that.  Actually, no pastry is safe from him.

And Sextus kitty realized that we were sleeping in on Christmas morning, so he got his own breakfast, and so was halfway through a rat when I got up. Where he learned such things, being raised in a kennel, is beyond me.

So The Boys had good holidays.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love the phrase “halfway through a rat” for some reason. I have a story idea that will fit into perfectly. Tell Sextus he’s a good kitty for being inspirational.


  2. Sextus has learned from all the other boys and the ferals, I’m sure. They’ve made up for his deprived childhood.

    Tux boy likes him some bread as well


  3. The disdained mincemeat is cracking me up!
    Wow, Sextus ! Devourin’ rats! ‘Tis the season to nom ratlies! 🙂


  4. It looks yummy! We have to keep all baked goods well out of reach here in the Miao House.


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