Current cat photos, except for the ferals

Because Loper (alias Oliver, according to the other lady who feeds him) lives on the front porch and only turns up at midnight, or six am. And Yellowcat lives on the back porch, but is too shy to catch with the camera yet.

But here is Wolfie, in his back porch kingdom:

Here is his nemesis, Sisko. Known as well as the Grey Primpse.  He arrived and Wolfie moved out, sigh.

And The Boys, here is Doc, in all his furry splendor.

And here with yet moar splendour:

And evidence of grubby bits.

Sextus – Sexy Cat – being all mysterious:

There used to be a toy hanging from that yellow string. But it was annoying.  And here, with his crossed eyes showing:

He’s helping me with file boxes.


10 responses to this post.

  1. I keep mentioning to my wife how fortunate she is to have “helping kitties” that make sure she does everything right the first time.


    • If they didn’t come and sit on things I would be in danger of Getting Too Much Done.


      • I’m getting my filing done today, too. I was afraid my cats would “help” me overnight by chasing each other across the carefully organized stacks of paid bills I left on the coffee table to be put away today, but it was a chilly night and they preferred to pile on me instead.


  2. ooh, the front of Wolfie, I only saw the other end!

    Doc is truly a magnificent kitteh. Is he as soft as he looks?


  3. Doc’s stripes are amazing!
    And Sextus is too darn cute! Hooray for kittehs of all stripes!


  4. Yay, kitteh pics! We don’t get nearly enough from you 😉


  5. you have a floofy bunch! I agree with Stephel – we need more kitteh pics more often. Doc looks so comfy and snorgable. I want to hug him.


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