Merry Christmas, People

Or, Christmas Eve, as it is here.

Or, post-Christmas, as it is in Australia. This, I know through the magic of Skype, which has revealed that people in Australia cheat and have Christmas waaaaaay ahead of us. So Sair went to ballet at dawn (yes, they have classes on December 24th – this is ballet). She  wore antlers with sparkly bits, bells and tiny Christmas lights. Then came home and had First Christmas with Alex and her family. She will be bringing along her side of their holiday when she gets there next week.

Meanwhile, here we are, all warm and cozy (because the heater is blasting), baking pies and getting ready for tomorrow by watching cheezy disaster movies (The Day After Tomorrow), and generally chilling. Nothing like watching New York City buried under a glacier to make you feel warmer.

Christmas is just us and Tom’s brother tomorrow.  Oh, and the cats, but they will be hiding outside, muttering cat curses at us, as usual when there is company. When they come back in there will be leftovers and catnip.



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  1. Merry Christmas, Lauo! I hope someone took photos of Sair in her antlers. That could be your Christmas card next year.


  2. MMmmmm…pies…
    I hope you guys are enjoying the festivities 😀


  3. I’m late here, but I hope your Christmas Day was warmer (has been unusually cold, hasn’t it?), the more so for having family and cats around you. And pie….to me holiday dinners are just a preview before the main attraction, pies of various fillings, is presented. Yum!


    • It was a nice day.
      Still a bit chilly.
      But Tom’s brother is in an okay phase these days, so it was all calm and mellow.
      Sair went off to yoga with a friend, briefly, between dinner and pie.
      (Yes, there are yoga classes on Christmas day.)

      Pies were pumpkin, cherry, and there were mince tarts, and pound cake.
      And ice cream.

      There was dinner earlier as well.


  4. Posted by geologywoman on December 26, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Happy Christmas to you and glad you had a restful day! We did Christmas with Masha’s family and the day we returned (yesterday) I passed out at nine PM from over-stimulation (kids, dogs, peeples, fud). Today was ME day and I am with you on the cheesy films, heaters blasting and our own varmints. Pyjamas during daytime wearing required.


  5. It’s a quiet Me day here, today, too. Lots of sleeping and reading. A really nice long walk in the beautiful sun with the dogs this morning. It was cold but the sun was so beautiful!
    A nice nap in the afternoon and more reading.
    It’s nice when the holidays are done.


  6. Awwwwww……………sweet and warm and lovely. What could be better than catnip and leftovers? And twinkly antlers with bells? LOL…

    Hooray for Skype-ing children far away. ((((hugs))))
    I hope you had a fabulous time!!!


  7. ” Nothing like watching New York City buried under a glacier to make you feel warmer.”

    Sounds cozy and delightful. A perfect holiday!


  8. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on December 27, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Well, Merry Christmas back at you! I hope you had a great Christmas Day with Tom’s brother!


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