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We had Sair’s girlfriend to visit in August, and again over Thanksgiving.

Three Australian factoids have emerged:
1) There are no poptarts in Australia,
2) Australian wildlife is not cute. They will not even notice the zombie apocalypse since the undead will have to line up after the crocodiles, kangaroos, snakes, and spiders and wait their turn to have at the populace.
3) Apparently there are also not heating pads. There were cramps. Heating pad was set-up amid wonder and (muted by drugs) joy.

After a week here for Christmas, Sair will be off to visit her in turn, near Canberra, I think.
I forget how long the flight is, but it is basically gawd-awful long.
She is landing in Sydney, and will get to see Big Deal New Year’s fireworks there.
The Bay has fog.
Fireworks here are largely a disappointing matter of standing outside freezing in July, watching for colored light patches in clots of water vapor.
It makes you realize that this is all a ritual.
While in Australia Sair will listen to her Informed Local and not do stoopid things with animals.
And I am told they will not be anywhere near the areas where crocodiles COME OUT OF THE WATER AND DRAG GROWN PEOPLE AWAY TO EAT.
Nor will she fall off of said Local’s motorbike.
(If you could hear the silence of my Not Fussing At Them About It, you would be amazed.)
They will go to Tasmania.

The nice thing is that I adore Alex madly.
Though it is hard for Sair, having a loved one living on the other side of the world.
And for Alex too.
We will all just have to be creative about all this.


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  1. Wow.The wildlife, the Poptarts…the heating pads? Amazing.
    And much sounds skeer-ifying.

    You’re being brave.

    And ((more hugs)) for Sair and Alex. Being so far apart is really tough. That “it’s a small world” thing is a great idea but it doesn’t work too well, when love is concerned.


  2. Ummm…I posted that comment without waiting for my log-in to finish…LOL…so I’m not cluckable. Sorry…


  3. Typo! “I’m not cluckable” should read “I’m not clickable.”



  4. Oh, she’s going to have so much fun in Australia (all the poisonous stuff aside, lol) and Tasmania. What a fun way to spend the semester break!
    How did they meet?


  5. Awwww. I had almost forgotten that cramps existed. How lucky am I?
    Sair and Alex will have an absolute blast in Oz. And I am so proud of you for not voicing too many concerns.
    As a fellow virtual-duck-tape-over-mouth-mom I salute you!!! We should win awards for the things we have not said! πŸ™‚


  6. Oh, I found unfrosted blueberry poptarts in a store here the other day and about did cartwheels! I love unfrosted bb pts!


  7. lol, I’m sure we have poptarts here! I’ve never had one but I think I’ve seen them.

    New Years Eve will be nice here – as long as the torrential rain stops. And she gets to have it before anyone else. Well except New Zealand, but they don’t count πŸ™‚

    Rest easy, no crocodiles in Canberra or Tasmania. Mind you she might die of boredom in Canberra but Tasmania is just gorgeous. (Just joking Canberra).


  8. They met online, to begin with.
    Having interests.
    And when they managed to be on the same continent, was good.
    I think it’s been like two years now.

    They can do boredom.
    They write, and draw, and read, and things.
    And they want to do meeting families things too.

    Boring, with 100% fewer crocodiles, is fine with me.


  9. Alex clearly loves Sair madly, so therefore will not let Sair fall off the back of the motorbike. See how well that works? No worries.


  10. something tells me that there *must* actually be heating pads in Oz!

    I’m sure Sair will have a blast visiting Alex.

    And there *are* koalas (which have sharp claws, tho) and wombats, which are sort of squareish and not at all harmful.


  11. How did giant cane toads get left out? And poisonous platypussessess? “Do not hug the platypus.”

    She’ll be fine, LW, you’ll never stop worrying about her, ever, she’s your kid! Take a big sigh of relief that you helped her become a responsible sortadult. You’re off the hook. And Alex will take excellent care of her!


  12. Is a platypussessess a group of female platypussess?
    If so, we are okay, because only the males are poisonous.
    I continue to Not Worry, but am doing my researches, so I can know what to Not Worry about.
    I had missed cane toads.


  13. As long as they don’t lick the cane toads they should be fine.


  14. Posted by geologywoman on December 21, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Your wit is what I woke up to this morning. Thank you for that! Start the day off in a good mood. : )
    If it makes you feel any better, where I am from, there are spiders, snakes, and alligators who will have a go at the populace. Though I think Masha told me Australia has the most poisonous spiders on the planet. (this is when I tried in vain to convince him we should move there)
    I would love to live there! Dry! Hot! People drive on the correct side of the road! No one will look down their nose at me cause my ancestors didn’t sip tea with some royal sovereign! I think I might have a romantic view of it…but it is probably correct.


    • I’ve been abashed to realize how very little I knew about Australia, and I’ve been trying to catch up so I’m not embarrassing people.
      I think Sair’s going to have a great time.
      I wish it weren’t quite so very far away.


  15. Alas, the way it goes nowadays, Sair and Alex will need to live outside the USA if they want to take their relationship to the next level. I’m an American citizen by birth, and an Australian by naturalisation. I had to leave the USA in order for my Japanese hubby and I to live in the same country on the strength of our relationship.

    Of all the international gay pairings, perhaps an Australian and an American can be trickiest.

    If Sair wanted to live with Alex in Australia (and not an unpleasant choice, after all), there is a workaround to the law to enable queer Australians to sponsor a partner. But it ain’t a hundred percent easy, since the balance of power in the Australian parliament is held by gay-unfriendly factions. I know that when we wanted to get civilly-unioned in Germany, the Australian government would not issue a certificate of no impediment to marriage, since I was “marrying” a bloke. I believe the gentleman at the Oz embassy was trying to help when he issued a certificate which quoted my husband’s Japanese name, not identifiable to westerners as a man’s name, under the title “miss”. But the authorities on one of the states I lived in was able to confirm that I had not been married within its boundaries, and that satisfied the German notary. Something Alex may need to remember if she and Sair decide to make use of her garndpa’s Irish nationality.

    OTOH, as far as the USA is concerned, fuggedaboudit. The USA isn’t even a signatory to the Hague convention on international documents, so everything needs to be complicatedly vouchsafed and apostilled and all that palaver. Further, if it comes to the attention of US border authorities that Alex is in a relationship with an American of her own gender, she runs the risk of being refused admission on the grounds that she is more likely to try to overstay.

    It ain’t easy. But love does conquer all, and the young ladies are lucky to have found it. Spiders, crocodiles and motorbikes are unimportant, in the grand scheme of things.


  16. I have absolutely nooooo idea how they will work it all out.
    I think with Sair’s Irish citizenship (EU), and Alex’s Australian, they are legal in London.
    But Alex lived there as a teen and did not like it, so living in the UK might not be a permanent solution.
    And I can always keep hoping that things do, indeed, Get Better here.
    The good news, though, is that Sair just spent her winter break visiting Alex in Canberra, and all went well (spiders, crocs and all).


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