A Classic End of Term

This is the last week of classes at NYU. In theory, finals are next week, with no dead week or study week or anything. That is in theory.

Tuesday night the Irish singing group had a performance.

Wednesday at midnight Sair had a 10-page essay on literary theory to turn in. She didn’t do the topic that consisted of a close reading of two descriptions of a rape, which was one of four assigned possible topics. So she had a theory-dense essay on the formation of characters, in a book she didn’t much like, based on a close reading of a single, very short, paragraph.

Thursday she had:

1) a long final essay written in Irish. Much random information about California using much vocabulary and many tenses. I believe the weather came into it.

2) an end-of-term presentation on Tasso, delivered in Italian,

3) an exam in Anthroplogy.

All back-to-back, no breaks between. And came back to spend the night finishing another 10-page essay, written IN Italian, due at noon today.

I’m thinking she may actually sleep this weekend. Perhaps. Nothing due til Monday.

Her only final actually in finals week is in Anthro. (The exam yesterday was just an exam, not a final). The actual final is a take-home essay exam of 5 pages due on Monday. With an optional 7-page paper due Tuesday. So she can’t go sleeping too much.

I’m thinking she will stagger off the plane Tuesday night and collapse into a pile of cats and tangerines (the official welcome-home fruit).


5 responses to this post.

  1. o.O
    Sleep is nice


  2. My younger daughter’s term ends tomorrow: the only thing she has to do now is attend the student art shows and several (hopefully not wild) end-of-the-year parties before her classmates all go home for the holidays. She says cheerfully that, given the horrible week of working on final projects, during which she got maybe two hours of sleep per night, she deserves “to loosen up a little.”

    I hope Sair gets her opportunity to loosen up too, though safely and restfully. Literary theory is frankly one of those courses I would love to see buried in the tomb of Worthless Academic Subjects (I say as I slap my own classmates with feminist/queer/semiotic theory)—and rape? I wonder why that subject, as opposed to say, a scene from a battlefield or a deathbed. And ow to essays and presentations in foreign languages. I still get angry when I see a copy of Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars in bookstores and get projected back to second semester freshman Latin.


  3. What a kid you have.
    I am completely in awe.
    Here’s hoping she can come home and get some good coddling and rest.


  4. I had to read this twice to make sure it was right. Like larui, I’m in awe.


  5. She slept Friday night, and so is sounding better.
    Is writing take-home exam as we speak.
    And cleaning apartment.


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