An ill-wind

Well, literally. We’re having nasty high winds here.

Usually this is more of a Southern California  phenomenon, but it’s been going on up here for three days. Blowing, Dusty, Dry.

My sinuses have been just dying. My skin and hair are all dry. AND when I went to pat poor Wolfie Cat I freaked him out instead.

Wolfie lives on the back porch cos my inherited cat chased him out of the house. Now he won’t come inside any more. So I only get to pat him when I’m putting out his food. Which makes him absurdly happy. Usually.

Except the stoopid winds made him all static, so when I tried to pat him it gave him sparks. The poor boy ran off without his dinner. Mean nasty no good winds.


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  1. So sorry about the winds. This has been crazy weather year for so much of the world. I hope Wolfie senses the weird weather and will be back for dinner soon. It’s so cold here I have cats everywhere.


  2. Poor Wolfie!

    Calgary got super-high winds last week, too. Pieces of buildings were flying off and they closed the downtown and told everyone to stay inside.


  3. Welcome to the world of no humidity. I hope things go back to how they should soon


  4. Static is also typical of the dry winters in Minnesota: but oddly, my cats didn’t seem to mind it at all. They’d jump in my lap, rub themselves thoroughly against my chest or neck, and then both of us would have hair standing on end. The worst was when they were already staticky from walking across the wool carpet, and would jump on my lap. The shock would make me jump out of my seat. They on the other hand were merely indignant I made my lap disappear.

    Stay safe. We have trees, big ones, landing all over the streets and on people’s cars. I got smacked in the face by a big dry palm frond, which did no damage but smarted.


  5. It didn’t wind here today. Which was good as it kept Tux boy from being quite so crazy.


  6. ack. I once reached towards feline fc to scritch his head, and a giant spark lept (leaped?) from my finger to his nose. It took him a few days to forgive me…Here we had serious thunderstorms during the night, loud and powerful!


  7. I hope the winds have died down and you have a little more humidity in your air.


  8. Argggghhh!! those winds sound HORRIBLE!!!!!
    How’re you doing?

    (I’d send hugs to Wolfie Cat, but….)


  9. Posted by geologywoman on December 5, 2011 at 8:41 am

    Poor kitty, and poor you for feeling bad about scaring him. I have developed a big dislike of wind after living here for 3 years.


  10. Posted by Emmy on December 5, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Stay safe, it sounds crazy over there! My sinuses were in agony a few weeks ago. I take fish oil capsules and had to do a steam tent every five stupid minutes.


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