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  1. Awww! Bats are so darn cute! 😀


  2. Ever since I realized they were furry I’ve been a goner.


  3. I can just see those little ears constantly moving. While on a cave tour a couple of years ago the guide sent me into a chamber by myself and flipped a switch to reveal the ceiling covered with hundreds of bats. I don’t think he expected the “Awwwwwwww!”

    It sort of pisses me off, now. I mean, did he want me to run screaming?


  4. These are tent-making bats. Little balls of brilliant floof. They build their tent by chewing through the veins of a big leaf, so the sides flops down around and protects the colony from nosy predators. Each species does it in their own specific way. I don’t know this species – there are many tropical fruit eating bats who do this. They build their tent near a fruiting tree, then they camp out there for a bit and when the fruits are gone they move on and build a new tent at a new fruiting tree. The moms carry their babies hanging crossways on their floofy tummies. The ones I know are ‘harem’ forming, so there’s one adult guy and a bunch of girls and babies who live together as a breeding unit. They are unbelievably floofiliciously cute. Once you learn what the ‘tents’ look like, you can find them everywhere near fruiting trees in the forest, sleeping all huddled up together inside a big leaf.


  5. Squeeeee! is it wrong to want to *smooch* them?


  6. BABY BATS!!!
    BABY BATS!!!!!!!!!

    They’re so CUTE!!!
    LOVE this…they’re all snuggled up!


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