So, do the sharks really have lasers?


And who or what is Danni Mingue?



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  1. Kylie Minogue’s little sister. She does pop songs or some such fluffy startletty type thing.


  2. Heehee….this is funny. It reminds me of a book I bought. The Onion “Our Dumb World”.
    I should try to find more pics like this to post from there.


  3. hmmm … danni minogue or maneating koalas? tough choice …


  4. Danni is Kylies sister but cooler. I don’t think she’s done Pop songs for years, she was a child star on Young Talent Time years and years ago. I think she’s a judge on one of those talent shows now. Everyone here likes to giver her a bagging but they did that with Kylie as well until they decided they all loved her and now she’s our Pop Princess. But I’ve always liked Danni better. I think the babykilling dingos and the backpack murderers are in the wrong spot. Dingos should be further north and the murderer was more south east. No wonder I don’t get in the bloody water though.


  5. Note to self: there is only one area where sharks have frickin’ lasers


  6. It’s nice that deranged gunmen have their own space. But what about deranged gunwomen?


  7. It makes me wonder how the cute baby wombats survive.


  8. Posted by Margy Rydzynski on November 9, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Oh, I think the deranged gunmen should be moved to the US, where they normally hang out!


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