So, what do I want to get?

Who has which e-reader, and why do you like it?
I probably need to get one for Sair for Christmas, so she won’t be hauling multitudes of books to Italy next year.
(Assuming everything works out right.)
And does she want a reader or a tablet?
Again, why?


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  1. Not that I put a whole lot of stock in these types of articles (mostly because I don’t really care that much) but I read an article about things that will be obsolete in either 5 or 10 years, I forget which, and e-readers were on there. Which makes sense I guess, because you really can’t have something with only one function anymore. It has to slice, dice, clean the toilet and boost your self-esteem, in addition to all the other techy things. So, that is a long answer for, you are probably better off getting her a tablet with a reader or else a Kindle Fire or one with many functions.


  2. I love my NookColor, which is also a tablet.

    The batteries last longer on dedicated B&W e-readers, but they aren’t as much fun. All the tablets can run e-reader software anyway.


  3. I love my plain old e-ink Kindle, but that’s because I want something that’s a dedicated reader, not sixty-umpteen gadgets in one. (I only just got my 1st cell phone with a camera, after all these years.)

    Sair might not be as antediluvian in her tastes, though… 😉


  4. I was wondering the same question Lauo… now, having recently bought an i-phone (my old phone died), I realize I HATE trying to type on a touch screen – really hate it… so in a way I’d rather have a laptop because then I can type properly – for anything other than books, movies and music… but I’m really fascinated with the options of saving SO much space on the bookshelves and having a bazillion books with me on the train every day for the commute… and I’d hate reading books on the computer screen… but then I want blobs and newspapers and that sort of thing for the commute… and I have the added problem that Danish books/newspapers/? aren’t getting digital quite as fast as English ones are – Oh, and obviously there’s a Danish e-reader with it’s own format… just for OUR books because we’re sooo special! (argh!) Still can’t decide whether I need another gadget in my life… anything we buy today will be obsolete in 5 years time anyway unless somebody starts building gadgets on cradle to cradle principles. – which I really seriously hope they do. Soon.


    • a Danish e-reader that’s not compatible with anything else?! Good grief – worse than here!


    • Posted by geologywoman on November 6, 2011 at 1:23 am

      I am so with you. Masha gave me a touch screen phone and I HATED it and went back to my cheapie Samsung that came free. The new one weighed a ton, had to be charged every night. I did not like having to touch the screen. I prefer to type. It also made very annoying noises and they were not turn-off-able.


    • Posted by geologywoman on November 6, 2011 at 1:23 am

      LOL! But the Danes are special. I lived there.


  5. bf has an Asus transformer pad with additional keyboard, and loves it! I’m still really wanting a Kindle for myself, for the same reasons that drude lists here.


  6. Can’t help…no reader.
    But I’d like to know what everyone else says.


    • Posted by geologywoman on November 6, 2011 at 1:25 am

      I have none either and have thought of getting the husband one for Christmas as he is a techie. However he is so anal about things like that I actually would not dare to presume I could figure out which one to get him. AND I get to borrow books free from work and am always bringing them home for him (and myself, scored the new Larsen one yesterday). I do think they would be well handy when travelling, though.


  7. I’d check on the rules about being allowed to buy books overseas with an American reader, and also on the process by which books are delivered. I presume that Kindles use regular Wi-Fi now, but originally they had a proprietary network of their own.

    Also, I’ve been a bit leery about Kindle since they did the reaching-into-people’s-readers-and-deleting thing… on copies of 1984, IIRC (oh, the irony) (might’ve been Animal Farm, but same diff).

    B&N is also using an open file format, as opposed to Kindle’s, which is proprietary to Amazon, and that seems Wrong to me somehow, as a Person of Ninety-Nine Percentness.

    If Sair is going to be traveling around Italy a lot, a tablet is a good compromise between trying to deal with tiny phone screens and keyboards and carrying a whole laptop. Mind you, I recall when portable computers weighed upwards of 30 pounds, but I still wouldn’t care to carry a laptop around with me.

    She should probably ask kids who are studying overseas now these important questions about accessing stuff over there. Presumably it all goes to an account registered in America to an American credit card, so no biggie.

    Upon further notice, the Nook apparently won’t let you buy content directly from the reader if you’re outside the US. You can have it sent to your account at B&N (buying through the website), and then download it to your reader anywhere you have Wi-Fi. That’s annoying, but I expect it’s a copyright thing. Since I won’t be spending a long time overseas any time soon, it doesn’t bother me.

    I think she needs a tablet with all flavors of e-Reader on it so she can both compute and read. Or possibly a friend who can hack her Nook Color into being a plain Android tablet (apparently it is easy, I think snoringKatz did it). It’s the cheapest Android tablet there is, plus has extra removable storage. Not sure what the color Kindle is built on, but I’m sure These Kids Today have already hacked it into something more useful.


    • Kindle is usable in most European countries – they werent international either late last year or early this year…


      • That’s good to know.
        I’m still dithering.
        But getting close to figuring it out, I think.


        • you might want to take a peek at the forums over at – they also have a very nice, comprehensive wiki.

          And Calibre is a great tool for converting formats – as in, from Epub to Mobi (the former being the format B&N uses, the latter being what Amazon’s files use…)

          I really don’t understand the tech behind all of this, but it’s possible to go to places like Mobileread and find out what you need to get jobs done – usually free (and legal!), too.

          Is there any way you can fish for ideas from Sair about what she’d like without giving it all away?


  8. The latest Consumer Reports has ratings on readers and tablets and all other things gadgety.


  9. Is it too late to weight in? I have a first gen Kindle, which i love, even though the shiny of the new Kindle is appealing to me.

    I couldn’t read with an app laden, internet access reeader, I’m too distractable. It kind of turns a reader into a magazine in my mind, which is fine for some, but I want only the books. I can surf on my other tech toys.


    • i think you’d like the G2 Kindle a lot – softer touch on the buttons, forward and back buttons on right-hand side, much more storage and lots faster page turns.

      You could probably get a refurbished one for a good price, now that the G3 Kindles are out and all that…

      (btw, I ended up getting a cover from the same source that you used for your Kindle, as the G2 “official” cover – made for Amazon – was problematic. Long story, but basically, it’s about those little metal hooks in the brand-name cover… made the K2 freeze. No probs since I switched.)


  10. Posted by geologywoman on November 6, 2011 at 1:26 am

    I know Steve likes his Kindle or either he bought his wife one and she likes it. I do not know which any more because we fell out of touch (his doing) like a year ago. But Emmi can connect you to him. He is very intelligent and loves to read so his advice will be good.


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