Sair is located, under all the snow

I was just worrying a little, since she was up in Boston for the weekend, and I hadn’t heard from her.

She’s stranded for an extra day, sans internets but with power and heat and all.

So that’s okay.



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  1. That’s good to hear: Massachusetts actually got hit worst than NYC. I really feel for the OWS people who are camped out in Zuccotti Park right now, however. It’s wet and bitterly cold out there.

    My daughter and son-in-law says they’re just disappointed winter came so early. They put booties on their dog this morning to take her out for a walk, and she goose-stepped her way down to the river. Dogs hate shoes, even Manhattan dogs.


  2. I’m glad Sair has heat and power, even if no intranets! What a freaky storm! Jaypo texted me on her phone…no heat, no power. She drove around in her car for awhile to charge up her phone. It was going to be 21 degrees there last night! I hope they all stayed warm enough.


  3. I’m glad she’s okay and has heat!


  4. I’m glad she’s warm and ok


  5. ::whew::

    That’s great news…!!
    Heat and power are wonderful when you’re stranded.


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