Two medium-ish quakes, right here.

Like the Hayward fault, that runs right under the stadium about a quarter mile uphill from here.

(It’s okay, they are retrofitting it, so it will be Perfectly Safe. Sure.)

The cats are deeply disappointed with me.


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  1. Only one made it down here. I think they were in slightly different places, maybe even different faults.

    My cats did not care. Especially Tortie, who didn’t move a bit.


  2. Eeeeeeeeek!!!!! (((((stabilizing hugs)))))
    Cats don’t like earthquakes. Even the “tiny” one we had a couple of months ago was enough to send Sweetie whooooooooshing around the house, ears flat, searching wildly for attackers. I have a suspicion he was imaging GIANT subterranean rodents.


  3. Whoops! typo!
    “imaging” should read “imagining”


  4. Doc did the creeping, belly-down, investigation of under the couch and especially Tom’s chair, but could not locate the culprit.


  5. I lol’d about Doc looking for the earthquake!
    Steady as she goes, lauo!


  6. Posted by geologywoman on October 27, 2011 at 7:18 am

    Being a geologist, I love earthquakes as long as they don’t cause horrible mass deaths. How exciting!
    The one here in 2007 caused our parrot to panic.
    Glad everyone is okay!


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