I have no words


because the only reason to do teh icky is for married folk to make children pretty much at random.


11 responses to this post.

  1. Time to do a few more Google bombs on ol’ Ricky’s name, I guess.


  2. ::weary sigh::

    All I’ve got is expletives.



  3. what about the married peoples who do not want kids? I guess we dont exist. Also are all the boner pills included? I did not have the strength to watch that video. I could not do it.


  4. Fark him. The planet can’t sustain millions of extra babies. I don’t want kids either, thank you very much. Idiot
    (I’m really trying to restrain myself here)


  5. I am impressed with everyone’s restraint.

    The best comment I found elsewhere:

    The crazy train has left for asshat-villle, population Rick.


  6. Sigh. Yep, let’s get the Googlebomb Train rolling again. What a useless piece of muck.


  7. And the US has the highest child abuse record in the developed world… yes, spread the love, Ricky.


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