Da News


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  1. Erm…….yeah. Duh.


  2. Our CBS affiliate is in direct competition with the local Faux News affiliate, so they’re in a constant race to the bottom. The way they’ve reported the events at #OccupyWallStreet, you’d think it was just a group of homeless people camping in the park.

    Then there was the Faux News reporter at OccupyOakland who got chased out of the protest area and called an asshole by protesters. The guy began sputtering about freedom of the press and how-dare-you-kids-violate-my-rights. He also made sure the camera got a closeup of his torn suit. Much weeping on a tiny violin.


  3. ::snerk::

    Oh, yes.


  4. This was defintely funny. Funnier than funny. But not obnoxiously funny. Do you think they’ll ever get it? Nah… LOL


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